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Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproduction in Nursing Mediagraphy

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Abortion pill, The
RG137.6.M53A46 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
After years of controversy, RU486, a pill that can end a pregnancy without surgery, is coming to America. This program shows the controversy surrounding RU486 and shows how a potent mix of business, politics and ethics kept this drug out of United States for nearly a decade.
Abortion, desperate choices
HQ767.A267 1992x
Streaming Rights = NO
Documentary showing pregnant women in difficult situations making decisions about abortion. Follows patients at an abortion clinic through the initial pregnancy testing, counseling, and the abortion itself. Includes the side taken by the pro-life movement and protest marches.
Breast cancer risk assessment and screening/
RG493.B7437 2000
Streaming Rights = NO
From the video series entitled, Picture of Health. This video helps explore a person's risk for developing breast cancer, screening recommendations, and chances of getting a false positive or false negative mammogram result.
Cesarean delivery
RG761.C47 2006
Streaming Rights = NO
Emergency C-section : Angie & Indrissa -- Planned C-section : Rose & John.
This program guides the viewer through each phase of maternity nursing while also broadening clinical expertise and enhancing decision-making ability. Through individual cases, this program covers several labor scenarios, including nursing care during an emergency C-section and a planned C-section.
Cocaine babies : the innocent victims /
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the effects of cocaine and crack on the fetus and newborn infants.
Contraceptive choices
RG137.C668 2005
Streaming Rights = NO
This video covers the range of birth control methods available today. Methods added to this edition are abstinence, the birth control patch, vaginal ring, non-surgical sterilization, the sponge, and the female condom. The video also covers spermicides, male condoms, the diaphragm, cervical cap, IUD, the pill, implants, injections, and surgical sterilization options for both men and women. The video discussed how each methods works, effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, side effects if any, and whether the method provides protection against STDs. Whether the methods must be obtained through a healthcare professional is also covered.
Crisis obstetrics. Module I, Emergency and complicated deliveries
RG701.C74 1995 pt.1
Streaming Rights = NO
Provides knowledge essential to managing and assisting in emergency and complicated deliveries.
Crisis obstetrics. Module II, Hemorrhagic disorders in pregnancy
RG701.C74 1995 pt.2
Streaming Rights = NO
Discusses placenta previa, abruptio placentae, uterine rupture, amniotic fluid embolism, postpartum hemorrhage, and disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Crisis obstetrics. Module III, Hypertension in pregnancy
RG701.C74 1995 pt.3
Streaming Rights = NO
Discusses classification, risk factors, pathophysiology, and clinical manifestations of hypertension in pregnancy.
Dear children
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the post abortion syndrome, as individuals and couples share their pain of abortion. A clinical psychologist discusses the healing process, and information is provided on sources for finding help.
Heredity and the environment : blueprints for a baby /
RJ134.H47 1996
Streaming Rights = NO
Blueprints for a baby explores the various aspects of conception, the function of genes and chromosomes, and the process of cell division. In addition, with straight-forward graphics and narration, the video explains sex determination, inheritated traits, and the influence and interaction of heredity and environment on a fetus. Finally, Blueprints for a baby discusses the potentially dangerous effects of genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and the field of genetic counseling.
High risk pregnancies your questions answered/
RG571.H545 2000
Streaming Rights = NO
Home follow-up of early postpartum discharge families
RG951.H65 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
From the "Cross Training for Obstetrical Nursing Staff" series, this video explores the nurse's evolving role in meeting special needs of the early discharge mother and infant in the home setting. It discusses objectives for the home visit, health assessment of the mother and newborn, and ways to identify and address the concerns of new parents.
Human birth
Streaming Rights = NO
Vertex delivery: forceps.--Vertex delivery: spontaneous.--Breech delivery: assisted.--Breech delivery: forceps.--Breech delivery: extraction.--Cesarean delivery.--Multiple birth: twins.
Human development conception to neonate
RG525.H752 2007
Streaming Rights =
[pt.1] 618.1. Pregnancy (26 min.) -- [pt.2] 618.2. Birth and the newborn ( 21 min.) -- [pt.3] 618.3. Reducing risk factors (30 min.).
Human development: conception to neonate
Streaming Rights = NO
pt. 1. Pregnancy (26 min.) -- pt. 2. Birth and the Newborn (27 min.) -- pt. 3. Reducing Risk Factors (34 min.).
Labor & delivery vaginal birth /
RG652.L33 2006
Streaming Rights = NO
This program guides the viewer through each phase of maternity nursing while also broadening clinical expertise and enhancing decision-making ability. Through individual cases, this program begins from the moment the expecting mother is admitted to the hospital and addresses the nurse's role in assessment, monitoring, pain management, emotional support, stabilization of the newborn, and maternal-neonatal bonding. Critical thinking questions appear after each part. Also features comparative questions with two new mothers.
Life's greatest miracle
QP251.L54 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
The development of a child from conception to birth, using both microimagery and the story of a young couple preparing for their first child.
Miracle of life, The
QP251.M57 2004
Streaming Rights = NO
Shows the actual conception and development of a baby. Looks inside the male and female reproductive organs to show the formation of sperm and the passage of a fertilized egg through the fallopian tube. Uses a microscope to observe DNA, chromosomes, and other minute body details building up to the moment of birth.
Nursing assessment of the newborn
RJ255.5.N96 2007
Streaming Rights = YES
[pt.1] 128.1. Physical examination of the neonate -- [pt.2] 128.2. Gestational age assessment.
This series demonstrates two types of evaluations: one program describes how to perform an examination of the baby to determine if he/she is in stable condition while the second shows how to use an abbreviated Ballard Scale to determine gestational age.
Obstetrical nursing
RG951.O27 2008
Streaming Rights = YES
[pt.1] Caring for the antipartum patient (24 min.); [pt.2] Electronic fetal monitoring (26 min.); [pt.3] Complications of pregnancy (21 min.); [pt.4] Labor and delivery (17 min.); [pt.5] Pain control; [pt.6] Assisted delivery and Casarean section (19 min.); [pt.7] Newborn stabilization and care (19 min.); [pt.8] Caring for the postpartum patient (18 min.).
Physical assessment of the normal newborn
RJ255.5.P43 1991
Streaming Rights = NO
Postpartum care
RG951.P67 1992
Streaming Rights = NO
Discusses nursing responsibilities for assessment, intervention, and documentation during the postpartum period, changes during the postpartum period, admission assessment, nursing diagnoses for postpartum care planning, and elements of nursing documentation.
Postpartum care
RG801.P667 2006
Streaming Rights = NO
Initial postpartum care : Angie & Indrissa -- Preparation for discharge : Karen -- Follow-up postpartum care : Lisa & Dean.
This program guides viewers through each phase of maternity nursing while also broadening clinical expertise and enhancing decision-making ability. Through individual cases, this program presents three normal range cases, from 12 hours to 6 weeks postpartum, with emphasis on maternal and newborn assessment, pain management, and family teaching. Critical thinking questions appear after each part.
Postpartum emotions the blues & beyond /
RG801.P67 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Ann Dunnewold, Ph.D., a noted psychologist and mother of two, provides a wealth of insight into postpartum emotions.
Pregnancy, labor & delivery
RG951.P74 2004
Streaming Rights = NO
Pregnancy (29 min.) -- Labor and delivery (28 min.) -- Pain control during labor and delivery (29 min.) -- Leopold's maneuvers (17 min.)
Pregnancy, labor & delivery
RG951.P74 2004
Streaming Rights = YES
Disc 1. Pregnancy (29 min.) -- Disc 2. Labor and delivery (28 min.) -- Disc 3. Pain control during labor and delivery (29 min.) -- Disc 4. Leopold's maneuvers (17 min.) -- Disc 5. Instructors guides -- Disc 6. Self grading tests.
Prenatal care
RG971.P74 2006
Streaming Rights = NO
Promoting healthy pregnancy. First trimester : Michelle & Edward ; Second trimester : Susan & Chen ; Third trimester : Michelle -- Pregnancy at risk. Preterm labor & delivery : Uli & Lorenz ; Gestational diabetes : Jennifer & Dean ; Fetal loss : Marcie & Brian.
This program guides the viewer through each phase of maternity nursing while also broadening clinical expertise and enhancing decision-making ability. Through individual cases, this program addresses family adaptations to pregnancy, ways to promote a healthy pregnancy, and nursing management of at-risk pregnancies. Critical thinking questions appear after each part.
Prenatal development a life in the making /
RG613.P74 2005
Streaming Rights = NO
Covers the stages of intrauterine development, including brain and neural development; the development of dizygotic and monzygotic twins; the difference between dichorionic and monochorionic monozygotic twins; and the effects on the fetus of maternal diseases or maternal use of drugs. Stresses the benefits of good prenatal care.
Secret of sex finding the essence of man and woman, The
QP251.S43 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
This program examines aspects of reproduction, as well as what being male or female means at the cellular level. Experts include Marc Breedlove, Professor of Neuroscience at Michigan State University; Dr. Peter Goodfellow, renowned authority on the Y Chromosome; Professor John Burn, clinical geneticist at Newcastle University; Dr. John Manning, one of the world's leading specialists on testosterone; and Dr. Melissa Hines, Professor of Psychology at City University who has studied testosterone's influence on how children play.
Snowbabies, the innocent victims
RG627.6.D79S56 1989
Streaming Rights = NO
Discusses the effects of cocaine and other drugs on the fetus and newborn infants of mothers that are drug users.
Stages of labor a visual guide, The
RG651.S77 2006
Streaming Rights = YES
Anatomy of pregnancy -- Signs of Pre-labor -- Onset of labor -- Three stages of labor -- First stage -- Second stage -- Third stage.
Amazing 3D animation and non-technical narration make the stages of labor easy to understand. Combining detailed animation of the labor process, live birth footage, and parents describing their experience of labor and delivery, this program is an anatomy lesson and a birth story, all in one.
Stages of labor a visual guide, The
RG651.S77 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
(Producer) Presents animation of the labor process, live birth footage, and parents' descriptions of their labor and delivery experiences.
Sweet 16 and pregnant /
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the lives of five pregnant teenagers and the choices each made concerning the future of her child.
There was a child a documentary about pregnancy loss /
Streaming Rights = NO
Describes how parents deal with a still birth.