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Kinesiology Mediagraphy

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America dances! 1897-1948 a collector's edition of social dance in film /
GV1623.A44 2003
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1897-1919 : from the Cakewalk to the Castle walk. Charity Ball ; Foxy Grandpa & Polly in a little hilarity ; Cakewalk ; Comedy Cakewalk ; Comedy Cakewalk on beach ; One step : Everybody's doin' it now ; Comic Fox Trot with Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Drew ; Airplane Waltz ; Two Step ; Irene and Vernon Castle : the whirl of life -- 1920-1929 : from the Blackbottom to the Lindy Hop. Let's do The Blackbottom ; Charleston basics ; Charleston and Blackbottom ; Charleston in newsreels ; Charleston dance contests ; Charleston contests ; Ballroom acrobats ; Shimmy ; Raggedy Ann, Tangolio ; Kinkerjeu, Lindy Whirl, Yankee Prance ; Old fashioned Waltz ; Lindy Hop introduction ; Lindy Hop -- 1930-1939+ : from dance marathons to Lindy Hop / Jitterbug contests. Dance marathon newsreels ; 8 couples remain in grueling 3 month dancing marathon ; Exhausted couples drag fatigued feet in endurance walk ; Tired couples totter on feet over 2,500 hours ; Endurance dancers still seek record after 5 months ; Lambeth Walk ; Waltz : New York City ; Waltz, Rumba, Mambo : Harvest Moon Ball ; New style Rhumba makes a hit with winter tourists ; Susie Q basics ; Big Apple basics ; Big Apple dance: a Tarheel stomp agitates country ; From the Minuet to the Big Apple ; Big Apple : keep punching ; Collegiate Shag ; 200,000 Jitterbugs go slap happy at Swing Jamboree ; Beach resort has new slant on Jitterbug ; A dizzy round of Jitterbug and Jive hits the big town ; Lindy Hop : Harvest Moon Ball ; Lindy Hop/Jitterbug Jive : New York City ; Lindy Hop : Harvest Moon Ball ; Lindy Hop : Harvest Time in Rhythm ; Lindy Hop : newsreel -- 1939-1948 : from romantic dance to acrobatic classics. Waltz : Irene Castle at the world's fair ; Adagio : may I have the next trance With you? ; Adagio : dreamland of mine ; Cuban Pete ; A Rumba story ; Rumba with spice ; Mexican Jumping Bean ; Conga Loca ; Rhumba Serenade : mi Rumba ; Lindy Hop : keep punching ; Lindy Hop : Cottontail (Hot Chocolates) ; Lindy Hop : boy! what a girl! ; Lindy Hop : killer diller.
Includes 60 historical dance film clips from the first part of the 20th century in the United States, recording changing dance trends, expertise, and taste, and reflecting United States culture through the years. This dance retrospective spans the panorama from average Americans dancing in newsreels to top quality performers who have left a legacy of dance moves across the ballroom floor.
Bobby Fischer against the world
GV1439.F5A3 2011
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Titles from menu: Setting the stakes -- The lone American -- Training in the Catskills -- Hiding away -- Regina Rischer -- To destroy a genius -- "And that's when chess exploded" -- A new world champion -- Bobby disappears -- Getting back in the box -- Icelandic citizenship -- End credits.
In the '70s, Chess was a Cold War sport. Since the end of WWII, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. had been locked in mortal combat for supremacy of just about everything, and Bobby Fischer was America's hope. Chess prodigies aren't that rare, but Bobby Fischer made chess sexy, an almost impossible task. He captured the world's imagination, and he proved that the U.S. could produce a champion in a game where the winners always seemed to be Russians. Chess would seem to make a terrible spectator sport, but somehow this man ratcheted all of it up to new heights. Chess fans will find it short on details on what made his game unique, but most will find this a great portrait of a man who was so brilliant that it made him intensely unhappy. He couldn't handle his own genius, and in the end, that was what destroyed him. He wasn't a man against the world, but rather a man against himself. That was the one opponent he could never beat.
Dancetime DVD! 500 years of social dance /
GV1617.D36 2002
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V.1.: Early Renaissance (15th century): Introduction ; Balli -- Late Renaissance (16th century): Introduction ; So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo ; La Volta ; Galliard -- Baroque (18th century): Minuet ; Introduction ; Contredance ; Folies d'Espagne -- Regency (early 19th century): Introduction ; Country Dances -- Romantic (mid 19th century): Introduction ; Quadrille ; Durang's Hornpipe -- Victorian (late 19th century): Introduction ; Polka Mazurka ; Galop ; Waltz Cotillon. V.2.: 1910's: Animal dances ; Castle walk ; Apache ; Tango -- 1920's: Black bottom ; Charleston -- 1930's: Marathon ; Movie musical ; Big apple ; Jitterbug -- 1940's: Rhumba ; Swing -- 1950': Rock n' roll ; Mambo -- 1960's: Twist ; Mod ; Hippies -- 1970's: Disco -- 1980's: Break dancing ; Punk ; Moonwalk -- 1990's: Vogueing ; Hip hop ; Country western.
Volume One: features dance forms, period costumes and dance music from the 15th through 19th centuries from the courts of Italy, France, England and the grand ballrooms of America. Volume Two: features dance forms, period costumes and dance music from twentieth century America from the "animal dances" of the 1910's through the hip hop of the 1990's.
Dancing for Mr. B: six Balanchine ballerinas
GV1785.A1D36 2008
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Mary Ellen Moylan, Maria Tallchief, Melissa Hayden, Allegra Kent, Merrill Ashley, and Darci Kistler keep alive Balanchine's ballets and the inspiration they learned from him. Balanchine was the single most powerful influence in their lives.
Don Quixote (Kitri's wedding) : a ballet in three acts
GV1790.D6D66 2003
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This full-length production captures the excitement, flair, and humor of Cervantes' masterpiece.
Firebird & les noces, The
GV1790.F5F52 2002
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Fonteyn and Nureyev: the perfect partnership
GV1785.A1F66 2005
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A 90-minute retrospection that captures for eternity the fabulous team of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. Includes archival footage from Le Corsaire, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and more.
GV1790.G5G57 2008
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The story of a peasant girl (Giselle) who goes mad and dies of a broken heart when she discovers that her beloved is a nobleman betrothed to another.
Glory of the Kirov, The
GV1786.K57G56 1995
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Swan lake -- Raymonda -- Viennese waltz -- Reflection -- Le Corsaire -- Laurencia -- The Tale of Serf Nikish -- The Dying swan -- Pas de quatre -- Syrinx -- Spartacus -- Romeo and Juliet -- The Ice maiden -- Les Sylphides.
From the early days of this century, the Maryinsky Ballet, later the Kirov, dazzled audiences with the beauty of the dance. Five years research in Russia's archives has unearthed fascinating footage, much of it never before available in the West, of many of the company's great dancers.
How to play your best golf
GV965.H68 1983
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v.1. The principles of the golf swing -- Woods & long irons -- Mid & short irons -- v.2. The scoring shots -- The trouble shots -- Playing the game -- Drills.
Hulkamania. 4
GV1196.H63H85 1989
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Man on wire
GV550.2.P47M36 2008
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Special features (ca. 43 min.): Philippe Petit - Sydney, 1973 (a film by James Ricketson) (20 min.) -- Man on wire: An interview with Philippe Petit (ca. 13 min.) -- The man who walked between the Towers (Scholastic ; Weston Woods Studios presents) [animated film] (c2005 , ca. 10 min.).
On August 7th, 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Center's Twin Towers. After dancing for nearly an hour on the wire, he was arrested, taken for psychological evaluation, and brought to jail, before finally being released. This extraordinary documentary incorporates Petit's personal footage to show how he overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges to achieve the artistic crime of the century. -- Container.
GV1785.F63M37 2005
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Film about the life of dancer Margot Fonteyn. Contains archival footage including performances with Rudolf Nureyev and others. Meets with those who danced with her and knew her. Ballets featured include: Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Giselle, The sleeping beauty, Marguerite and Armand, and the Nutcracker.
Nice & easy : powerwalking, eating right and selecting the right nutrients for optimal health /
GV341.4.N53 1993
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A comprehensive guide to exercise for individuals, young and old seeking ultimate health and fitness.
NIRSA basketball officials' training DVD
GV885.2.N57 2006
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This DVD provides essentials in the rules and mechanics of basketball for officials.
Nutcracker, The
GV1790.N8N88 2004
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Clara's Christmas eve dreams come to life as snowflakes, sugarplum fairies, and her treasured toy nutcracker dance with her and her family.
Romeo and Juliet: ballet in three acts
GV1790.R6R66 1999
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This is the famed Royal Ballet production featuring Nureyev and Fonteyn at the peak of their careers. Includes scene-by-scene synopsis and biographies of Nureyev, Fonteyn, and Prokofiev.
Sleeping beauty, The
GV1790.S54S54 2000
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"The Sleeping Beauty remains, as Rudolf Nureyev often called it, the 'ballet of ballets'. It is the most accomplished and the most brilliant, as well as one of the most spectacular of the 19th century, and the most representative of the 'noble' style of classical dancing. Rudolf Nureyev's version, which he created for the Opéra Ballet in 1989, was recorded at the Opéra Bastille in 1999, in a new production (sets and costumes) created by his faithful collaborators, Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino, who had already produced Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet and La Bayadère"--Container.
Swan lake
GV1790.S93S93 2005
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"Perhaps the most popular ballet video ever released, this version of Tchiakovsky's beloved work stars one of the most famous classical dance partnerships of all time: Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Nureyev choreographed this production for the Vienna State Opera" -- Container.
Swan Lake ballet in 4 acts
GV1790.S93S936 2005
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Perhaps the most popular ballet video ever released, this version of Tchiakovsky's beloved work stars one of the most famous classical dance partnerships of all time: Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Nureyev choreographed this production for the Vienna State Opera -- Container.
Tai chi for beginners
GV504.T345 2011
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Step-by-step guide to the fluid, gentle, relaxed movements of Tai chi.
Tai chi for health the 6 forms.
GV504.T35 1994
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Demonstration of Tai Chi to improve health & lifestyle, designed for beginners.
Tai chi for older adults
GV504.6.A35T35 2003
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You'll start with a basic warm-up. You'll then learn the five standard movements which form the core of the exercises. When you're ready, you can add four additional movements to expand your skills. This video also contains a bonus "Sitting qi gong" exercise to promote relaxation and relieve stress.
Tai chi, the 24 forms
GV504.T357 2011
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How to use this program -- Introduction -- Stay safe -- Warm up exercises -- Cool down exercises -- Qigong exercises -- Foundational movements -- The 24 forms - step by step instructions -- Demonstrations by Dr. Lam -- Previews.
The ancient practice of tai chi is clinically proven to be one of the most effective exercises to improve health, fitness and relaxation. The 24 forms is the most widely practiced tai chi form. While there are many variations, the form you will learn by working with this DVD is the one of the most authentic. Following an introduction to tai chi and its benefits, Dr. Lam teaches unique qigong exercises and foundational movements which will enhance your energy and make learning easier. He teaches the 24 forms from different angles - using close ups, repetitions and diagrammed illustrations while dividing each form into small sections allowing you to follow along with ease. Throughout the lessons, Dr. Lam will explain the tai chi principles and how to use them to improve your tai chi. This revised version contains all updated techniques, stepwise teaching method and clearer images for easier learning -- Container.
Tennis with Stan Smith
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Unforgivable blackness the rise and fall of Jack Johnson /
GV1132.J6U54 2005
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The in-depth and intimate story of one of the most important African Americans to live in the first half of the 20th century. Tells the story of Jack Johnson, who was the first African American boxer to win the most coveted title in all of sports--Heavyweight Champion of the World. Includes his struggles in and out of the ring and his desire to live his life as a free man in race-obsessed America.
Winning edge in sports, The
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Contains an introduction and nine separate sections discussing a variety of psychological methods and techniques that can be used to improve athletic performance in any sport.