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Geriatrics Mediagraphy

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Aging in America the years ahead.
HQ1064.U5A35 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
A search of what it means to have a 'good old age' Julie Winokur and photographer Ed Kashi traveled across the country and collected scores of personal histories in order to show different aspects of aging in America.
Aging the natural process /
QP86.A35 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
This program takes a look at the changes that occur naturally to the various systems of the human body as a person ages, and describes actions that can be taken to maximize and maintain their functionality.
All of our lives
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the plight of aging women, many of whom must face their later years stranded without a pension and financially insecure.
Alzheimer disease the patient's perspective /
RC523.A375 2005
Streaming Rights = NO
An extraordinary and rare glimpse into a world, where, for brief moments, Shana realizes the devastation of her illness. She remembers her world as it was and acknowledges the perils she now faces. She vividly describes her confusion; her frustration at the loss of independence; and her growing fears of forgetfulness. Commentary by Dr. Rabins, staff working on an Alzheimer unit and her husband who reminds us, even with the disease, she’s still Shana. An excellent tool to develop empathy and care strategies.
Alzheimer's disease-- a wilderness explored
RC523.A50 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
Alzheimer's disease, waves of stone.
RC523.A493 1996
Streaming Rights = NO
In this video, doctors and mental health professionals discuss the Alzheimer's disease history, progression, and most current research and offer strategies for copyng with day-to-day life--Container.
Alzheimer's disease...let's talk about it
RC523.A53 1992
Streaming Rights = NO
Various treatment plans plus ways to deal and cope with people who have this disease are discussed.
Alzheimer's story: a documentary by Ken P. Rosenberg, Ruth Neuwald, An
Streaming Rights = NO
Shows an elderly husband's day-to-day coping with the progessive degeneration of his wife. Eventually the husband and daughter make the painful decision to place her in a nursing home. The toll Alzheimer's disease takes on the immediate family is underscored.
Breaking 100
Streaming Rights = NO
Combines historical photography, prints, and portraits to illuminate the personalities and lives of a group of Americans who have lived more than 100 years. Brings to life oral history as told by such people as Olga Ulke, socialite and actress who grew up in Franz Josef's Vienna; Joseph Burns, a Montana miner, who once journeyed to the Hole in the Wall where outlaws lived; Mary Duckworth who spent her early childhood in slavery; and Harry Liberman, noted Jewish folk artist, who grew up in a Hasidic sect in pre-World War I Poland.
Chronic anxiety in the elderly /
RC531.C476 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
This program deals with the problem of anxiety in the elderly and the diseases associated with the problem. Interviews with sufferers of GAD, Geriatric Anxiety Disorder, provide insights into the agony of the condition. General anxiety disorders, their symptoms, and physiological manifestations are examined, including chemical imbalance, psychosocial implications, and the emotional impact on the aged brought on by radical societal changes. Caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol are also discussed as possible instigators.
Complaints of a dutiful daughter
RC523.C66 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
Chronicles the various stages of a mother's Alzheimer's disease and the evolution of a daughter's response to the illness. The desire to cure the incurable--to set right her mother's confusion and forgetfullness, to temper her mother's obsessiveness--gives way to an acceptance which is finally liberating for both daughter and mother.
Conversations stories about living and dying /
R726.8.C65 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Story of a middle-aged woman who lost both her adult son and husband to cancer within months of each other. Tells how important hospice care became to Gloriann and her loved ones during this extremely difficult- - yet, at times, surprisingly enriching--experience.
Depression in older adults : the right to feel better /
RC537.5.D465 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
This videotape analyzes depression as it affects older persons.
Developing alternatives to restraints
RT87.R47D48 1993
Streaming Rights = YES
Shows the importance of developing alternatives to the use of restraints through the assessment/care planning process. "Reviewed for accuracy in 2005"-Disk label.
Elder abuse
HV6626.3.E534 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
Producer) Discusses the growing problem of elder abuse. Describes the various types of abuse and details characteristics of abusers. Presents barriers to getting help. Covers preventing abuse, and assessing and treating elders who have been mistreated. Discusses various government agencies and services designed to help elders and their family caregivers prevent abuse before it occurs.
Elder abuse
HV6626.3.E534 2007
Streaming Rights =
(Producer) Discusses the growing problem of elder abuse. Describes the various types of abuse and details characteristics of abusers. Presents barriers to getting help. Covers preventing abuse, and assessing and treating elders who have been mistreated. Discusses various government agencies and services to help elders and their family caregivers prevent abuse before it occurs.
Elder abuse a family secret /
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the complex nature of elder abuse and spotlights several services available to help families cope with the problem.
Elderly suicide
HV6545.2.E42 1987
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the problem of high suicide rates among post retirement males. Wha as a society, do to contribute to this problem? Interviewsivors, psychologist, audience. Deals with clues for intervention, signs of depression, guilt felt by survivors.
Gentle fitness
RA781.G45 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
Introduction -- Sitting (34 min.) -- Standing (7 min.) -- Sitting (7 min.) -- Massage (8 min.) -- Floor (or very firm mattress) (18 min.) -- Meet the participants.
Complete sitting, standing, floor and self-massage routines. Safe natural routines for people of all ages, including those with limited energy, strength or mobility.
Group procedures
HV1451.G76 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
Drs. Myers, Waters, and Sweeney discuss group counseling with older persons, illustrated by excerpts from group sessions.
Growing old in a new age
HQ1064.U5G76 1993
Streaming Rights = NO
v.1, Myths and realities of aging -- v.2, How the body ages -- v.3, Maximizing the physical potential of older adults -- v.4, Love, intimacy & sexuality -- v.5, Learning, memory & speed of behavior -- v. 6, Intellect, personality and mental health -- v.7, Social roles & relationships in old age -- v. 8, Family & intergenerational relationships -- v.9, Work, retirement and economic status -- v.10, Illness & disability -- v.11, Dying, death & bereavement -- v.12, Societal and political aspects of aging -- v.13, The Future of aging.
These programs look at various aspects of aging in American society of the latter 20th century. Older people share their views on each subject.
Helping relationships
HV1461.H456 1988
Streaming Rights = NO
Learn the special insights that are necessary for helping older persons and how you can use these insights effectively with this population.
Infection in the elderly
RC112.I54 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
pt. 1. Risk factors (18 min.) -- pt. 2. Prevention and assessment (18 min.).
Discusses importance of infection in mortality and morbidity of elderly persons, and presents lifestyle factors and changes in body defenses that contribute to infection in this population. Covers measures to reduce the incidence of infection including assessment for risk factors and immunizations. Discusses detecting infection in the elderly, and the subtle, atypical signs and symptoms that are sometimes present.
Medical-surgical nursing
RT41.M424 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
1. Hip fracture -- 2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder -- 3. Myocardial infarction -- 4. Congestive heart failure -- 5. Acute care of burns -- 6. Breast cancer -- 7. Complications from diabetes -- 8. Cerebrovascular accident -- 9. Colon cancer -- 10. Tuberculosis -- 11. Spinal cord injury -- 12. Acute renal failure.
Series presents acute-care nursing management of specific disorders in a case-study format.
Medication challenges in the elderly
RM147.M43 2004
Streaming Rights = NO
pt. 1 (18 min.) -- pt. 2 (24 min.).
"The extent of medication use in elders and factors increasing their risk for adverse drug reactions is discussed. The program focuses in large part on measures to forestall problems and reduce the number of adverse drug reactions, such as avoiding medications if another solution exists, and using the MASTER rules for rational drug therapy."--container.
Mental illness and the older person
RC451.4.A5M463 2005
Streaming Rights = NO
(Producer) Provides an overview of mental illness and related behaviours often observed in the elderly. These include Alzheimer disease, depression, confusion, delirium, anxiety, and paranoia.
Mind, The
Streaming Rights = NO
pt. 1. The search for mind--pt. 2. Development--pt. 3. Aging--pt. 4. Addiction--pt. 5. Pain and healing--pt. 6. Depression--pt. 7. Language--pt. 8. Thinking--pt. 9. The violent mind.
Nine part television series that explores the way science has looked into the mind throughout history - from psychoanalysis to neuroscience.
New age for the old, A
HQ1064.N48 1980
Streaming Rights = NO
Presents a historical survey of the status of the elderly and attitudes toward them from classical times to the present.
Older brains, new connections a conversation with Marian Diamond at 73 /
QP388.O43 2000
Streaming Rights = NO
This videocassette features Marian Diamond at the age of 73. She discusses the aging of the brain and importance of stimulation to prevent the deterioration of brain cells.
Positive images of aging
HQ1061.P67 2007
Streaming Rights = NO
Changing perceptions of aging (from Age of discovery) -- Positive adjustments as we age (from Surfing for life) -- Intimacy in the elder years (from For better, for worse) -- Family ties, grandparenting, and mentoring (from Surfing for life) -- Foster gra
Features fourteen 3-5 min. stand-alone video segments from previously-released videos that reflect positive images of aging from various perspectives.
Seasons of life
Streaming Rights = NO
v. 1. Infancy and early childhood (conception to age 6) -- v. 2. Childhood and adolescence (ages 6-20) -- v. 3. Early adulthood (ages 20-40) -- v. 4. Middle adulthood (ages 40-60) -- v. 5. Late adulthood (ages 60+).
Case studies and commentaries by noted psychologists examine human development, from conception to death.
Secret life of the brain, The
QP376.S43 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
Baby's brain : wider than the sky -- Child's brain : syllable from sound -- Teenage brain : a world of their own -- Adult brain : to think by feeling -- Aging brain : through many lives.
This series explores the startling new map of the brain that has emerged from the past decade of neuroscience. From infancy to old age, through language development to Alzheimer's disease, the changes of the brain over the lifespan are shown.
Sleep problems in the elderly assessment /
RC547.S64 1999
Streaming Rights = NO
Explains age related normal sleep patterns in the elderly, identifies the causes of sleep problems and some of the common complaints associated with aging. Demonstrates assessment procedures with a selection of older individuals suffering from disturbances in their sleep patterns.
Special nutrition problems
TX361.A3S64 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
(Producer) This video covers malnutrition, obesity, protein-calorie malnutrition, chewing problems, alcoholism, drug-food interactions, constipation, iron deficiency, dehydration, eating alone and lonely eating. It encourages physical activity to maintain overall good health.
Stealing time : the new science of aging /
QP85.S74 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
episode 1. Quest for immortality -- episode 2. Turning back the clock -- episode 3. Mastering the mind.
Explores the natural history of aging, from the time-lapse death of a mouse and the slower decline of humans, to the potential immortality of bristlecone pines (1st pt.). Scientists offer clues to the mechanisms of aging that can unlock its biological mystery (2nd pt.). Through cutting edge research and lifestyle choices, it seems we are on the verge of keeping the intellect forever young (3rd pt.).
The forgetting a portrait of Alzheimer's /
RC523.2.S535 2004
Streaming Rights =
An exploration of Alzheimer's, taking a sweeping and intimate look at how this cruel disease affects nearly five million Americans and their loved ones.
To live until we say goodbye.
Streaming Rights = NO
Deals with the process of dying and preparing for death; the care of the dying and their family and friends; cancer pain management; and interventions concerning children with AIDS.
Understanding osteoarthritis
RC931.O67U53 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
Summarizes and explains the nature and course of osteoarthritis, outlines treatments, addresses unproven and folk remedies, and emphasizes the importance of self-management and of support groups.
Understanding rheumatoid arthritis
RC933.U53 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
This program summarizes and explains the nature and course of rheumatoid arthritis, outlines treatments, and addresses unproven and folk remedies, and underscores the importance of self-management and of support groups. Viewers are shown how medication, occupational and physiotherapy, nutrition and exercise can relieve their pain, increase their mobility, and improve the quality of their lives despite their disease. The information is presented by medical and allied health professionals, as well as through interviews with people living with rheumatoid arthritis.
When someone you love has Alzheimer's a practical guide for caregivers.
RC523.2.W44 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Program gives an overview of how to recognize Alzheimer's Disease, how to cope with the disease, and how to nuture a loved one who has Alzheimer's.