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Ethics Mediagraphy

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Abortion pill, The
RG137.6.M53A46 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
After years of controversy, RU486, a pill that can end a pregnancy without surgery, is coming to America. This program shows the controversy surrounding RU486 and shows how a potent mix of business, politics and ethics kept this drug out of United States for nearly a decade.
Advance directives guidelines for health care providers /
RT87.T45A38 1992
Streaming Rights = NO
This program explains the nature and purpose of the Patient Self-Determination Act as it relates to the health care providers. It presents simulated conversations between patients, family members, and health professionals, addressing the fundamental question of prolonging life through heroic or artificial means.
Conversations stories about living and dying /
R726.8.C65 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Story of a middle-aged woman who lost both her adult son and husband to cancer within months of each other. Tells how important hospice care became to Gloriann and her loved ones during this extremely difficult- - yet, at times, surprisingly enriching--experience.
Critical thinking in the clinical setting
RT86.C75 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
Because of diverse healthcare needs, strong critical thinking skills have become essential in the healthcare setting. Ever changing healthcare needs, such as increased patient acuity, decreased patient hospital length of stay, increased care of patients in the community setting, and staffing shortages have necessitated nurses be prepared to handle complex situations in the clinical setting. This program focuses on different methods that nurses can incorporate to increase the use of critical thinking skills in the clinical setting.
Dealing with death and dying
Streaming Rights = NO
Helps nurses to care for dying patients and their families. Topics include helping the patient maintain his sense of dignity, how to give the patient a sense of control, responding to the patient's special needs, how to help the patient work through his fears, and how to help the patient's family.
End of life care : ethical dimensions /
RT85.E54 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
Provides nurses with practical information concerning end-of-life issues that can be applied in daily practice.
Ethics for the mental health professional. Parts 1-5
RC455.2.E8E84 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
Program is designed to teach the basics of ethical behavior for mental health counselors, social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, pastors, and others in the helping professions. It contains general information that can be used as an introductory learning program for beginners, or to help refine skills for advanced students or experienced counselors.
Ethics in America
HM216.E84 1989
Streaming Rights = NO
No. 1. Do unto others -- No. 2. To defend a killer -- No. 3. Public trust, private interests -- No. 4. Does doctor know best -- No. 5. Anatomy of a corporate takeover -- No. 6-7. Under orders, under fire -- No. 8. Truth on trial -- No. 9. The human experi
The 10 one-hour programs invite the viewer to struggle with real ethical dilemmas and to understand the process for the ethical decision-making.
HIPAA a guide for long term care workers /
R864.H57 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
(Producer) Provides a detailed review of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and focuses on the resident privacy and data security issues that will have the most impact on the practices of healthcare workers.
HIPAA for healthcare workers an overview.
R864.H573 2008
Streaming Rights =
Healthcare access, portability, and renewability -- Preventing healthcare fraud and abuse; Administrative simplification; Medical liability reform.
Covers the overall goals and purpose of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the role of the HIPAA Advisory Team.
HIPAA for healthcare workers the privacy rule.
R864.H574 2008
Streaming Rights =
Covers the privacy rule in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, patient's rights, exceptions of the rule, and the most common violations.
HIPAA for healthcare workers the security rule.
R864.H575 2008
Streaming Rights =
Administrative safeguards -- Physical safeguards -- Technical safeguards.
Covers the HIPAA security rule, the role of the privacy officer in a healthcare institution, and the precautions necessary to ensure security of electronic patient information.
News writing :
PN4781.N48 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
v. 1., pt. 1. What is news -- pt. 2. Hard news leads. -- v. 2., pt. 3. News writing language & style. -- pt. 4. Development & organization of a story. -- v. 3., pt. 5. Dealing with sources. -- pt. 6. Good writing vs. good reporting. -- v. 4, pt. 7. Beat reporting. -- pt. 8. Broadcast news writing. -- v. 5., pt. 9. Public relations writing. -- pt. 10. Beyond the summary lead. -- v. 6., pt. 11. Feature writing styles. -- pt. 12. Column writing and editorial writing. -- v. 7, pt. 13. Covering disasters. -- pt. 14. The ethics of journalism. -- v. 8., pt. 15. Media law.
Nightingale's legacy
RT82.N54 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
In this video, young nursing students expectantly look towards their caregiving journeys. Nursing staff discusses the stresses and rewards of their job and the impending nursing shortage around the country.--Container.
Overview of the history of American nursing, An
RT4.O9 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
A presentation of the history of nursing in the United States.
Research methods for the social sciences
H62.R48 1996
Streaming Rights = NO
1. Introduction -- 2. Scientific method -- 3. Research ethics.
To live until we say goodbye.
Streaming Rights = NO
Deals with the process of dying and preparing for death; the care of the dying and their family and friends; cancer pain management; and interventions concerning children with AIDS.