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Cultural Diversity in Nursing Mediagraphy

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Cultural awareness in healthcare
RA418.5.T73C88 2008
Streaming Rights = NO
(pt.1) Understanding the need (20 min.) -- (pt.2) An action plan (19 min.) -- (pt.3) Your practice (18 min.)
On container: ...designed to help the nurse effectively recognize the challenges faced in providing care to a multicultural population, and develop strategies to address these needs.
Cultural competence
RA418.5.T73 2006
Streaming Rights = NO
Cultural diversity and healthcare (109.1 DVD) -- Becoming culturally competent (109.2 DVD) -- Assessment challenges in a multicultural environment (109.3 DVD) -- Instructor's Guides (109 IG CD-ROM) -- Self-Grading Tests (109 SGT CD-ROM).
Series of discs designed to train medical personnel in working with patients and coworkers of differing cultural backgrounds.
Culture of emotions a cultural competence and diversity training program, The
RC455.4.E8C84 2005
Streaming Rights = NO
Explores the variety of ways the diverse cultures of America understand mind and body, and the disorders to which mind and body are subject. Designed to introduce cultural competence and diversity skills to mental/behavior health professionals and students. Introduces a diagnostic system (the DSM-IV "Outline for cultural formulation") for the assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders across cultural boundaries and diagnostic categories.
RC537.D47 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Examines the illness of depression from traditional and nontraditional perspectives, as well as from multicultural points of view, doing this through personal portraits of patients and interviews of psychiatrists, social workers, and spiritual leaders.
Eye of the storm, The
Streaming Rights = NO
Award winning documentary records an innovative experiment in which a third-grade teacher divides her all-white class into "blue-eyes" and "brown-eyes," making each group superior or inferior on successive days. Demonstrates the nature and effects of bigotry by showing changes brought about in their behavior and learning patterns.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez : magic and reality /
PQ8180.17.A73Z675 1982
Streaming Rights = NO
Presents a literary biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian novelist and Nobel prize winner, through conversations with the author, his friends, and his critics. Examines the course of Garcia Marquez's life, the source of his plots and characters, and the forces that have engendered his narrative style. Traces his so-called magical realism, a blending of the real and the fantastic, to the cultural diversity of the Caribbean. Explores the history of Colombia.
How people use difference to inspire change at work
HD58.8.M49 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
This video addresses "how diversity can enhance an organization's effectiveness and outreach," "perspectives that create subtle but powerful improvements in corporate culture," and "the value of seeking out the "agents of change" in your organization."
Kwanzaa an African-American cultural holiday /
Streaming Rights = NO
An informative, step-by-step video that chronicles the origins, terminology, symbols and practices associated with the holiday.
Managing a diverse workplace understanding different cultural values and styles /
HF5549.5.M5M3 1991
Streaming Rights = NO
African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans talk about their work experiences. Demonstrates that what minorities want from coworkers and management is no more than an open mind, a chance to make good, and a chance to treated as the individuals they are.
Managing communication in a multicultural world
HD30.3.B38 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
Dr. Baugh explains that the subtle but compelling conclusions people reach about us, based on the ways we speak, result in profound economic consequences both for ourselves and for our organizations. He points out that increased awareness of the impact of language also helps us understand the impressions we form of others, and the need to build tolerance of variations in dialect and language use.
Mexican popular customs
Streaming Rights = NO
This video depicts how art and style find their ways into the daily interaction between friends and family members in Mexico. It shows Mexico's unique customs and institutions.
Multicultural counseling issues of ethnic diversity /
BF637.C6M83 1992
Streaming Rights = NO
Provides a stimulus for counselors to increase their awareness, understanding, and skills in multicultural issues in counseling.
Multicultural counseling. II issues of diversity /
BF637.C6M832 1994
Streaming Rights = NO
Broadens the definition of multicultural counseling to include such issues as gender identity, religious identity, language and culture, and disabilities in the counseling interaction. Presents multicultural counseling, not as a specialty area, but as a basic competency needed by all counselors.
Multicultural meeting working with diverse cultures, The
HD62.4.M85 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
1. Conflicts -- 2. Points of view -- 3. Solutions.
Patient diversity beyond the vital signs /
R727.3.P38 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
Illustrates the importance of learning about your patient population: their belief systems, folk medicine, lore, even those things that dictate how they respond to pain and medical care.
Peacock in the land of penguins, A
HF5549.5.M5P43 1995
Streaming Rights = NO
Perry the Peacock, his co-workers, and the penguins learn diversity in the workplace.
Personal space exploring human proxemics /
BF469.P46 1999
Streaming Rights = NO
Spatial relations -- Space habits: habitual seating -- Territorial defense -- Space invaders: breaking proxemic rules -- Reactions and assumptions -- Why didn't you say something? -- Space affects everything -- The power of culture -- Cultural differences: space, touch -- Symbolic touch -- Architecture: a profession of space.
Discusses the concept of personal space and the interpersonal and cultural issues that define it.
Postville when cultures collide /
F630.J5P67 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
This production was originally broadcast on Iowa Public Television and tells the story of how a small Iowa town is dealing with multiculturalism. Postville, Iowa is where more than 300 Hasidic Jews, plus hundreds of Mexicans, Guatelmalans, Ukrainians and Russians have taken up residence in the last decade. This program explores the struggles and rewards of the social and economic changes.
Race, ethnicity, and demographic change in the American marketplace
HF5549.5.M5F73 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
Professor of political science and author Fraga discusses choices that must be made concerning affirmative action programs and political elections because of changing demographics in the United States and increasing diversity in the marketplace.
Saving the life keepers the new science of sustainable beekeeping /
SF523.3.S38 2013
Streaming Rights =
From the semi deciduous forest of Mexico to the farm lands and cities of North America, learn how successful beekeepers overcome challenges and develop sustainable practices to improve the quality and quantity of bee populations. This documentary offers several practical solutions. These include: utilizing the biodiversity of plants, mass plantings of protein rich flowers, Queen bee mating yards, how to fight bee parasites and diseases without chemicals and antibiotics and finally, how beekeepers work successfully with productive and resistant Africanized bees. Saving the Life Keepers is a visual delight for the eyes and reveals how local citizens, farmers, small and large businesses as well as beekeepers can help protect and preserve bee populations throughout the world. A humanistic adventure based on the extraordinary realities of the present, this documentary marks the way to sustain the future for generations of people and bees yet to come.-- Disc case.
Stories of change
BF637.L53T6 1991
Streaming Rights = NO
Narrative and social movements: the power of stories / Joseph E. Davis -- Plotting protest: mobilizing stories in the 1960 student sit-ins / Francesca Polletta -- Controlling narratives and narratives as control within social movements / Robert D. Benford -- "Getting our histories straight": culture, narrative, and identity in the self-help movement / John Steadman Rice -- Moving toward the light: self, other, and the politics of experience in new age narratives / Michael F. Brown -- Fundamentalism: when history goes awry / Joshua J. Yates and James Davidson Hunter -- Drug court stories: transforming American jurisprudence / James C. Nolan Jr. -- compassion on trial: movement narrative in a court conflict over physician-assisted suicide / Jeffrey D. Tatum -- Movement advocates as battered women's storytellers: from varied experiences, one message / Bess Rothenberg -- The storied group: social movements as "bundles of narratives" / Gary Alan Fine.
Tale of "O" on being different, A
HF5549.5.M5T34 1993
Streaming Rights = NO
Program providing insights into the impact of relative numbers on people's performance in work groups, when some people have a hard time fitting in because they are different from the majority. The consequences, pressure and stereotypes of being different are explored.
Transcultural perspectives in nursing
RT23.T72 1993
Streaming Rights = NO
1. Improving nurse-client effectiveness (28 min.) -- 2. Communication, part 1 (20 min.) -- 3. Communication, part 2 (19 min.) -- 4. Assessment and nursing care (26 min.)
Discusses verbal and nonverbal communication with clients from different ethnic backgrounds; guidelines for working with clients whose medical beliefs, practices and attitudes about medical care differ from those of the caregiver; and factors in assessment that may be affected by a patient's ethnicity.
What if everybody was purple?
BF723.P75W43 2000
Streaming Rights = NO
This video uses puppet characters from different ethnic backgrounds to explore the topics of prejudice, forgiveness, and friendship.
Whole child a caregiver's guide to the first five years, The
LB1140.23.W485 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
1. It's the little things -- 2. By leaps and bounds -- 3. Babies are children, too -- 4. Dealing with feelings -- 5. I'm glad I'm me -- 6. Listening to families -- 7. Everybody's special -- 8. Getting along together -- 9. Building inner controls -- 10. Respecting diversity -- 11. Creativity and play -- 12. Let's talk about it -- 13. Growing minds.
Teaches the latest in the fields of child development and child care for the critical years from birth to the age of five. Outlines essential information about children's physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Presents practical developmental activities and techniques to use in difficult situations. Shows real children and teachers in Head Start classrooms, a private urban infant center and preschool, an in-home family child care program, a suburban preschool and two university child care centers.