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Cancer Mediagraphy

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Breast cancer risk assessment and screening/
RG493.B7437 2000
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From the video series entitled, Picture of Health. This video helps explore a person's risk for developing breast cancer, screening recommendations, and chances of getting a false positive or false negative mammogram result.
C.S. Lewis through the shadowlands
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Presents Lewis' marriage, his wife's death to cancer, and his grief and journey in faith out of the "shadowlands."
RC804.C64C656 2005
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Outlines why patients may require a colonoscopy, including to screen for colorectal cancer. It helps allay patients' fears by showing them what to expect throughout this procedure. Explains cleansing preparations, possible complications, side effects and recovery. Scenes of polyps and their removal shot through the scope will help patients understand the importance of this procedure.
Conversations stories about living and dying /
R726.8.C65 1995
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Story of a middle-aged woman who lost both her adult son and husband to cancer within months of each other. Tells how important hospice care became to Gloriann and her loved ones during this extremely difficult- - yet, at times, surprisingly enriching--experience.
Medical-surgical nursing
RT41.M424 1994
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1. Hip fracture -- 2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder -- 3. Myocardial infarction -- 4. Congestive heart failure -- 5. Acute care of burns -- 6. Breast cancer -- 7. Complications from diabetes -- 8. Cerebrovascular accident -- 9. Colon cancer -- 10. Tuberculosis -- 11. Spinal cord injury -- 12. Acute renal failure.
Series presents acute-care nursing management of specific disorders in a case-study format.
Obscene a portrait of Barney Rosset and Grove Press /
Z657.O37 2008
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Chronicles the life and work of Barney Rosset, the influential head of Grove Press and the Evergreen Review, who published such groundbreaking works of fiction as Lady Chatterley's lover, Naked lunch, and Tropic of Cancer, while fighting the U.S. government's obscenity laws along the way.
One nation under stress
BF575.S75O53 2005
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Stress is everywhere--at home and on the job, on the farm and in the city, in the executive suite, the steno pool, the classroom, and on the production line; and it is being increasingly implicated in immune system dysfunction, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, ulcers, and a host of other illnesses. This program seeks to help viewers understand what causes stress, explain its consequences, and demonstrate ways in which stress can be turned into a positive force. Hosted by Merlin Olsen, the program emphasizes that stress is a different variable for everyone and shows different ways in which people are coping with it, citing the English philosopher Bertrand Russell: "It is not the experience that happens to you, it is what you do with the experience that happens to you."--Container.
Secret of life, The
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[1.] The immortal thread -- [2.] Accidents of creation -- [3.] Birth, sex and death -- [4.] Conquering cancer -- [5.] The mouse that laid the golden egg -- [6.] Cell wars -- [7.] Children by design -- [8.] Who are you?
This 8-part series reveals how scientists' ability to decipher and manipulate human genes will transform medicine and perhaps the human race. It chronicles the scientific findings in molecular biology through tales of discovery, personal case studies and engaging histories. Using three-dimensional animation and special photographic techniques, the series reveals an unseen world and showcases how DNA, base pairs, genes, proteins, promoters and receptors work.
To live until we say goodbye.
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Deals with the process of dying and preparing for death; the care of the dying and their family and friends; cancer pain management; and interventions concerning children with AIDS.
RC263.C362 2005
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Second in a four-part series about the medical and personal complexities of cancer. This segment presents the reality of cancer as experienced by patients. Commentary from Dr. Julia Rowland, director of the NCI's Office of Cancer Survivorship, focuses on a patient's quality of life as cancer treatment proceeds, as well as the impact of the disease on a patient's family. Five patients of varied ages and stages of cancer progress with their families and caregivers through diagnosis, treatment, and the hopes and uncertainties that follow. Patients include a 28-year-old woman with breast cancer, and a 54-year-old man with Hodgkin's lymphoma and lung cancer.
What is cancer?
RC263.C36 2005
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Presents a basic explanation of how normal cells behave and cancer cells begin. This is illustrated by following a hypothetical cancer patient through diagnosis and treatment.
PN1997.W58 2001
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An English professor, who alienates her students, has always had control over her life. That is until she is diagnosed with a devasting illness. She agrees to undergo a series of procedures that are brutal, extensive and experimental. She finds that the fine line between life and death can only be walked with wit.