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Nursing Assistant Skills Mediagraphy

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All the right moves : techniques for transferring patients /
RT87.T72A44 1997
Streaming Rights = NO
Assisting with urinary and bowel elimination
RT84.L47 2005 module 10
Streaming Rights = YES
Lippincott's video series for nursing assistants.
Basic first aid
RC86.7.B3 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
The first five minutes of care given to an injured or suddenly ill person could determine the difference between a life long disability and temporary one. Basic First Aid provides first responders with the techniques necessary to properly render aid in an emergency situation. Viewers learn not only to react promptly and make quick decisions that can save lives and reduce recovery time, but also what not to do when administering aid. This comprehensive program covers the major areas of general first aid, including: universal precautions, controlling bleeding, managing shock, treating burns, positioning splints, poisoning, and more. Time is given after each section for review and discussion.
Basic nutrition
RT84.L47 2005 module 9
Streaming Rights = YES
Lippincott's video series for nursing assistants.
Bed bath, The
RT87.B3B43 1999
Streaming Rights = NO
Presents the techniques for performing a bed bath; a step-by-step demonstration is provided.
RT84.L47 2005 module 5
Streaming Rights = YES
Lippincott's video series for nursing assistants. Presents step-by-step instruction for making an unoccupied bed, an occupied bed, and a surgical bed. Also discusses proper handling of linens and documentation of actions.
Bloodborne pathogens safety
RA642.B56B562 2007
Streaming Rights = YES
Pt 1. Bloodborne infections (14 min.) -- Pt 2. Exposure controls and ppe [personal protective equipment] (17 min.) -- Pt 3. Work practice controls (15 min.).
This series describes the efforts of various government agencies who have issued and updated a series of recommendations and enforceable standards to address the dangers of acquiring bloodborne infections in the healthcare environment.
Body mechanics : the science of moving safely
RT87.T72B6 1998
Streaming Rights = NO
Demonstrates for healthcare professionals ways to prevent injury to the back and other parts of the body when standing, sitting and moving patients or residents. Provides an understanding of the basic principles of body mechanics including the design and function of the musculoskeletal system and related gravitational forces through the use of graphics and live demonstrations.
Body mechanics the science of moving safely /
RT87.T72B63 1993
Streaming Rights =
Musculoskeletal system -- Gravity and balance -- Posture -- Sitting -- Lifting -- Moving patients -- Moving safely.
Demonstrates for healthcare professionals ways to prevent injury to the back and other parts of the body when standing, sitting and moving patients or residents. Provides an understanding of the basic principles of body mechanics including the design and function of the musculoskeletal system and re
Caring for people with dementia
RT84.L47 2005 module 13
Streaming Rights = NO
Cleanliness and hygiene /
RT84.L47 2005 module 7
Streaming Rights = NO
Death and dying
RT84.L47 2005 module 14
Streaming Rights = NO
Terminal illness and stages of grief -- The importance of holistic care to dying people -- How to ... cope with the stress of caring for dying people -- How to ... meet a dying person's physical needs -- How to ... meet a dying person's emotional needs -- How to ... meet the needs of the family -- How to ... provide postmortem care.
Entry into the workforce
RT84.L47 2005 module 15
Streaming Rights = NO
RT84.L47 2005 module 11
Streaming Rights = NO
Family tree of an ABG, The
RC630.F2 1993
Streaming Rights = NO
Live footage from a critical care unit, enabling nurses and nursing students to easily understand acid-base balance, ABG interpretation, and corresponding treatment modalities.
RT84.L47 2005 module 8
Streaming Rights = NO
Infection control : care provider skills /
RT87.I5I54 1999
Streaming Rights = NO
Explains the standard precaution guidelines of the CDC for handwashing, using protective gloves, handling linen, using protective gowns, handling infectious waste, and cleaning a blood spill.
Infection prevention
RT87.I5I547 2002
Streaming Rights = NO
tape 1. Breaking the chain of infection (25 min.) -- tape 2. Hand hygiene and gloving (23 min.) -- tape 3. Basic sterile technique (22 min.)
New nursing assistant, The. Elimination, specimen collection, urinary care
RT84.E45 2004
Streaming Rights = YES
Inserting a rectal suppository -- Administering the cleansing enema -- Collecting a stool specimen -- Collecting a routine urine specimen -- Measuring urinary output -- Demonstrates updated gloving and hand hygiene practice.
New nursing assistant, The. Feeding
RT84.N494 2003
Streaming Rights = YES
Serving a meal -- Dependent feeding.
New nursing assistant, The. Infection control
RA969.I53 2003
Streaming Rights = YES
Handwashing -- Using protective gloves -- Handling linen -- Using a protective gown -- Handling infectious waste -- Cleaning a blood spill.
New nursing assistant, The. Moving and turning
RT87.P67M68 2008
Streaming Rights = YES
Moving up in bed using a lift sheet -- Moving to the side of a bed using a lift sheet -- Performing a "log roll" with a lift sheet -- Assisting a move up in bed -- Moving to the side of a bed without a lift sheet -- Turning away from you -- Turning toward
New nursing assistant, The. Ostomy, urinary drainage and catheter care
RT84.N496 2005
Streaming Rights = YES
Demonstrates changing an ostomy bag, emptying a urinary drainage bag, providing daily catheter care, and a review of perineal care.
New nursing assistant, The. Personal care
RT86.7.N495 2008
Streaming Rights = YES
Cleaning and trimming nails -- Shaving the beard -- Assisting with hair and make-up -- Assisting with dressing -- Dressing when an I.V. catheter is in place.
New nursing assistant, The. Positioning techniques
RT87.T72N48 2004
Streaming Rights = YES
The basic steps -- The supine position -- The semi-supine position -- The semi-prone position -- The prone position.
New nursing assistant, The. Providing oral care
RT86.7.P76 2008
Streaming Rights = YES
Assisting the resident with oral care -- Denture Care -- Oral care for the unconscious person.
New nursing assistant, The. Range of motion exercises.
RT86.7.R36 2003
Streaming Rights = YES
Assisting with ambulation -- Assisting falling patient -- Range of motion exercises: head and neck, upper extremities, lower extremities.
New nursing assistant, The. Recognizing abnormal signs and symptoms
RT84.N497 2004
Streaming Rights = YES
Demonstrates and describes recognizing abnormal signs and symptoms of common diseases and conditions, and stresses the importance of subjective and objective evaluation.
New nursing assistant, The. Techniques in bathing
RT86.7.T43 2004
Streaming Rights = YES
New nursing assistant, The. Transfer and ambulation
RT87.T72T73 2008
Streaming Rights = YES
Pivot transfer from bed to wheelchair -- Pivot transfer from wheelchair to toilet -- Two-person lift from bed to wheelchair -- Three-person lift from bed to gurney -- Transfer using a mechanical lift -- Assisting with ambulation -- Preventing injury during a fall.
New nursing assistant, The. Warm and cold applications
RT84.N499 2003
Streaming Rights = YES
Applying the soak -- Applying the aquamatic k-pad.
Nightingale's legacy
RT82.N54 2003
Streaming Rights = NO
In this video, young nursing students expectantly look towards their caregiving journeys. Nursing staff discusses the stresses and rewards of their job and the impending nursing shortage around the country.--Container.
Patient and resident rights and communication
RT84.L47 2005 module 1
Streaming Rights = NO
Patient and resident safety
RT84.L47 2005 module 12
Streaming Rights = NO
Positioning and lifting patients and residents
RT84.L47 2005 module 3
Streaming Rights = NO
Protecting patients from medical errors
R729.8.P76 2001
Streaming Rights = NO
This program will help the viewer learn to describe the general sources of medical errors, describe the sources of medication errors, and describe how to involve the patient in his or her own care.
Providing oral care
RK60.7.P76 2000
Streaming Rights = NO
Transferring patients and residents
RT84.L47 2005 module 4
Streaming Rights = NO