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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the library's most frequently asked questions
(aside from "Where is the bathroom?")

I go to UHV - how do I get in from home (or off-campus)?
Your UHV computer account login is the correct login to get into library databases. This is the same account you use for Blackboard, UHV email, and UHV computer labs.

Your computer account must be activated in order to access library databases.

To do this, go to the following web page: UHV Information Technology Department's Student Services for more information about logging in for the first time.
I go to VC - how do I get in from home (or off-campus)?
Your Pirate Portal login is used to get into library databases from home or off-campus.

If you do not know your account info, start at The Pirate Portal login page. Click on "get/change/forgot your password?"
I am a student, but I don't attend class in Victoria. How do I borrow books?
It's pretty easy. Just fill out one of our interlibrary loan forms. We will pull the book and ship it to the Victoria College or U of H facility closest to where you attend classes. We will email to tell you about it and you can pick the book up there. When you are finished with the book, simply return it to where you picked it up and they will send it back to us. There is no charge for this service.

For special circumstances, contact the ILL Dept.
I need help with MLA citation
Try our Citation Guide for MLA, 7th for literary criticism sources, or use the MLA Quick Reference Guide prepared by the UHV Academic Center. You can also refer to our MLA citation guide for additional help.
I need help with APA citation
Try our APA citation guide or the APA Quick Reference Guide prepared by the UHV Academic Center.
I found this great article in one of the databases, but the full-text isn't there. Where is the full-text?
Not every article is full-text in our databases, or the full-text may be in another database, or maybe even in print format in the Library. If not, we can get it for you from another library. Just fill out one of our interlibrary loan forms. Our staff will find out where the full-text is and get it to you. This service is called Interlibrary Loan and it is free to all students and faculty.
I need to watch a video. How can I do that? Could I watch the video at home on my computer?
Videos come from a number of different sources. Most of them – but not all – can be viewed at home on your computer. The following are the possible ways to view videos:
  • Your instructor shows a video in class. If you wish to view videos shown in class again at a later time, come to the second floor of the library to do so.
  • Your instructor puts a video on reserve in the library. Videos on reserve are available on the second floor. They are usually unavailable for checkout, but can be watched in a study room or on a computer. Videos on reserve are available on a first come-first served basis.
  • Videos are on electronic reserve. Videos on electronic reserve may originate from the library catalog or from a streaming server system called Panopto. Links to these videos are in your syllabus, in your BlackBoard class or on the Reserves page of the library by instructor name. Your instructor will provide this information to you. User name or login name and password are the same as those used when logging in to BlackBoard.
I have an assigned reading from my instructor. Where can I find it?
Assigned readings are placed in the "Reserves" section of our web site. The link to "Reserves" appears in the "Quick Links" section on the right side of our home page. Select your instructor's name and the list of assigned readings will appear. You should have a password from your instructor to open them.
My instructor says I need to have "peer reviewed articles". What does that mean and how do I find one?
Peer reviewed articles are articles in academic/scholarly journals that have been reviewed by other researchers and scholars in the subject before the article is published. Most of our databases have a way to limit your search to peer reviewed (or scholarly) articles. Look at our guide, Finding Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles, for more information.
I don't want to buy my textbook. Can I check it out from the library?
Not usually. Textbooks tend to change faster than the library (and the library's budget) can keep up with. It is possible that, by some coincidence, we may have your textbook (perhaps in another edition). However, checkout would only last for 2 weeks, and you cannot mark the book up. To find out whether we have your textbook, check the online catalog.
Where do I locate Harvard Business Videos?
Harvard Business Review Faculty Lecture Series videos are available in the Business Source Complete Enhanced Interface database found under Quicklinks / Database A to Z. For more in formation, check out our Harvard Business Video Series.
Where can I find company or industry information?
The library subscribes to several databases that contain this information and we have created Library guides listing each one and how they can help you. Our Business Subject Guide is a good place to start.