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Interlibrary Loan FAQ

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is a service provided by the library through which we borrow material from other libraries that is not available in our library. We likewise lend material to other libraries.

Who may use Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is open free of charge to all faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. You must have a current library card (campus id).

We will also borrow materials for area residents. We charge $5.00 per article, book or book chapter plus any lending charges assessed by the lending library.

What kind of materials may be borrowed?

What kind of materials may not be borrowed?

How do you request material?

Interlibrary Loan request forms are available on this web site:

Print forms are available in the Interlibrary Loan office (on the second floor of the library), or at the library's reference desk (on the first floor).

How long does it take for material to arrive?

Journal articles - about 2 days
Books - about 3 days
Book Chapters - about 2 days

Some materials take longer, it depends on where the material is located and how it is being shipped to us.

How long can I keep the borrowed materials?

Photocopies are yours to keep. The due date on borrowed books is determined by the lending library.

It is very important to pick up your material as soon as it arrives so you will have adequate time to use it.

keeping materials past the due date imposed by the lending library could affect the library's borrowing privileges.

How do I know my requested material has arrived?

We will notify you when your materials arrive. If you fill in your email address on the request form, we will notify you via email. If not, we will send you a postcard through the U.S. mail.

How are the requested materials delivered?

Books must be picked up at the VC/UHV Library and checked out at the Main Circulation Desk.

Photocopies of articles of a photocopy of a chapter of a book may be

  • picked up at the library
  • mailed to the address you specify on the request form
  • set via electronic delivery to your email address