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Title: Turning respect for educators into votes
Authors: Martin,Ed
Source: , , :    
Subjects: Education - Finance - Law and legislation
Ref ID: 92424
Title: Talk of Texas
Source: , , :    
Subjects: Perry Rick Willingham Cameron Todd
Ref ID: 92769
Title: Eye on Texas: Al 'otro lado' del sueno (The other side of the dream)
Authors: Frioli,Nicola Okin
Source: , , :    
Subjects: Immigrants - Photographs
Ref ID: 92825
Title: Letter from San Antonio: Dogs of wara - The most technologically advanced army in the history of mankind still relies on animals that were once used by Attila the Hun. And no one trains them as well as the soldiers at Lackland Air Force Base
Authors: Eells,Josh
Source: Texas Monthly, , 39 :11 ,pg 84+-  
Subjects: Lackland Air Force Base (San Antonio Tex.) Dogs - War use
Ref ID: 92817
Title: Guest column: The Keystone XL decision was wrong
Authors: Smitherman,Barry
Source: Texas Weekly, , :3    
Subjects: Pipelines Environmental protection
Ref ID: 93191
Title: Recent publications of interest
Authors: Paschall,Freedonia
Source: , , :    
Subjects: West Texas Region--Literature
Ref ID: 91650
Title: Chronicling a historical legacy
Authors: Carlson,Shawn Bonath
Source: , , :    
Ref ID: 91888
Source: , , :    
Subjects: Sabal Palm Audubon Center and Sanctuary "Sabatt Weir " Sabinal River Sabine Lake "Sabine Pass Battle of 1865 " Sabine Pass Battleground State Historical Park Sabine River Sabine River (Tex. and La.) - Outdoor recreation Sabritas (Snack foods) (Mexico)
Additional Information:
Ref ID: 91135
Source: , , :    
Subjects: 2 Live Crew (Band) 4-H Clubs 76 in 96 Committee (Political action committee) "Aaker Linda " "Aaron Charlie" "Abbey Edward (Book review)" "Abbey Jim " "Abbott Carroll " "Abbott Greg " "Abbott Greg - Campaign funds " "Abbott Jeff" "Abbott John" "Ab
Additional Information: Namesake of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center;"Anderson, Richard ";"Anderson, Ron ";"Anderson, Scott ";Anderson (Tex.);Anderson (Tex.) - Historic buildings;Anderson (Tex.) - Historic sites;"Anderson, Wade ";"Anderson, Walt ";"Anderson, Wes ";Andice (Tex.) - Pol
Ref ID: 90450
Source: , , :    
Subjects: 2 Live Crew (Band) 4-H Clubs 76 in 96 Committee (Political action committee) Aaker Linda Aaron Charlie Abbey Edward (Book review) Abbey Jim Abbott Carroll Abbott Greg Abbott Greg - Campaign funds Abbott Jeff Abbott John Abel Robert Abene Mark A
Additional Information:
Ref ID: 90446
Title: The Evolution of Problem and Social Competence Behaviors During Toddlerhood: A Prospective Population-Based Cohort Survey
Authors: Baillargeon,Raymond H.;Normand,Claude L.;Séguin,Jean R.;Zoccolillo,Mark;Japel,Christa;Pérusse,Daniel;Wu,Hong-Xing;Boivin,Michel;Tremblay,Richard E.
Source: Infant Mental Health Journal, , 28 :1 ,pg 12- 38
Subjects: problem behaviors social competence behaviors toddlerhood Behavior Problems Early Childhood Development Psychosocial Development Social Skills
Additional Information: ID: 1699; ID: 666; ID: 1124; We look at factors that lead to psychpathologyFactors that lead to social competence may be just as important to look at for the development of psychopathology (Carter et al. 2003; Hay, Castle, Davies, Demetriou, & Stimson, 19
Ref ID: 93678
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