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Title: Industrial evolution
Authors: Galbraith,Kate
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul, 40 :7 ,pg 130- 133+
Subjects: Water supply Cities and towns - Conservation of water Nielsen-Gammon John
Additional Information: Examines the efforts of cities to conserve water and offers a profile of state climatologist, Nielsen-Gammon.
Ref ID: 94652
Title: Political intelligence: Perish the Brazos?
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, Jan-12, 104 :1    
Subjects: Brazos River Brazos River Authority Water rights
Ref ID: 93342
Title: The history of W. A. East v. Houston and Texas Central Railway Company, 1904: Establishment of the rule of capture in Texas water law or 'he who has the biggest pump gets the water'
Authors: Porter,Charles R.,Jr.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 2012, 50 :2 ,pg 107- 119
Subjects: Groundwater Water—Law and legislation
Ref ID: 94392
Title: Guest column: Tackle the water crisis
Authors: Huffman,Laura
Source: Texas Weekly, December 10, 2012, 29 :46    
Subjects: Water
Ref ID: 94949
Title: Inside intelligence: About the infrastructure...
Source: Texas Weekly, December 03, 2012, 29 :45    
Subjects: Infrastructure (Economics) Budget Transportation Water
Ref ID: 94937
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of water wasters - Greenest lawns in town
Authors: Mann,Dave
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 2-3-  
Subjects: Perry Rick Austin (Tex.) - Water-supply
Ref ID: 92860
Title: Excerpt from the archives: Poison, politics, and prevarication (Oct. 23, 1998)
Authors: Blakeslee,Nate
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 20-  
Subjects: Perry Rick Fisher Benny Texas Department of Agriculture Texas Water Commission Bonham (Tex.) - Water pollution Voluntary Purchasing Group
Ref ID: 92776
Title: Postcards: Aquatica's splashing debut
Authors: Smith-Rodgers,Sheryl
Source: Texas Highways, Aug-12, 59 :8   10
Subjects: Water parks San Antonio (Tex.) - Amusement parks
Additional Information: Aquatica San Antonio in Sea World
Ref ID: 94826
Title: Postcards: The Whisenhunt Center
Authors: Mallory,Randy
Source: Texas Highways, Aug-12, 59 :8 ,pg 12-  
Subjects: Gladewater (Tex.) - Music halls Gladewater (Tex.) - Art
Additional Information: Former church in Gladewater (Tex.) hosts music performances in a variety of genres and features numerous art pieces hanging on its walls.
Ref ID: 94726
Title: Crane man
Authors: Berryhill,Michael
Source: Texas Monthly, Aug-12, 40 :8 ,pg 52+-  
Subjects: Stehn Tom Whooping crane - - Trials litigation etc. Endangered species - - Trials litigation etc. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority Water conservation - Trials litigation etc. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Jack Janis Blackburn Jim Corpus Christi (Tex.) - - Trials litigation etc. O'Connor Family
Additional Information: Tom Stehn testifies at the Corpus Christi (Tex.) trial of a lawsuit brought by environmentalists and the O'Connor family of Victoria (Tex.) against the State of Texas and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority over the failure of the GBRA to release fresh water into San Antonio Bay. The suit alleges this failure accelerated the deaths of several members of the Whooping Crane population, already stressed by the drought of 2008 and 2009.
Ref ID: 94595
Title: Chasing waterfalls
Authors: Patoski,Joe Nick
Source: Texas Highways, Aug-12, 59 :8 ,pg 22- 31
Subjects: Waterfalls
Additional Information: Photographs.
Ref ID: 94770
Title: Talk of Texas: The drought
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-11, 103 :13    
Subjects: Perry Wes Purvis Stuart Myers Crystal West Texas Region - Water-supply
Ref ID: 92761
Title: Water planning in dry times: New water plan proposes solutions
Authors: McLaughlin,Laure
Source: Fiscal Notes, Apr-12, : ,pg Online-  
Subjects: Water supply Water conservation Texas Water Development Board - Publications Droughts
Additional Information: The State Water Plan (SWP) released in January of 2012 has a plan consisting of conservation methods, water projects and other steps for dealing with anticipated water shortages in coming decades.
Ref ID: 94741
Title: Eat your words: Still waters
Authors: DePrang,Emily
Source: Texas Observer, Apr-12, 104 :4 ,pg 38- 39
Subjects: Waters Alice Chefs
Ref ID: 94191
Title: A grain of doubt
Authors: Galbraith,Kate
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-12, 40 :4 ,pg 80- 86
Subjects: Droughts - Economic aspects Water supply Water rights Rice farmers Lower Colorado River Authority
Additional Information: Efforts by the Lower Colorado River Authority to mediate the water rights dispute, severely affected by the drought of 2011, between coastal rice farmers and inhabitants of hill country towns and cities.
Ref ID: 94203
Title: It's all about the water, boys
Authors: Kanin,Mike
Source: Texas Observer, Apr-12, 104 :4 ,pg 20- 23
Subjects: Lower Colorado River Authority Water rights Perry Rick
Additional Information: The politics of water rights as some question Governor Perry's relationship with the board of the Lower Colorado River Authority.
Ref ID: 94229
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of water departments - Goodbye to a river?
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 7-Jan-11, 102 :23    
Subjects: Trinity River Texs Commission for Environmental Quality Hess Myron Water-supply
Additional Information: Should be v.103, no.1.
Ref ID: 90746
Title: Political intelligence: Water dept. - From a gusher to a drip
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 6-May-11, 103 :8    
Subjects: Pickens T. Boone Canadian River Municipal Water Authority Mesa Water Company Water-supply Ogallala Aquifer
Ref ID: 91282
Title: Contributors
Source: Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2011, 23 : ,pg 195- 198
Subjects: Alex Thomas C. Cadden Don Duarte Gloria Francell Lawrence John Keller David W. Ohl Andrea Platt Steven Taylor Lonn Freer-Waters Rachel Wilde Megan Willeford Glenn Wright Paul
Additional Information: Short biographical information on authors in this issue.
Ref ID: 92493
Title: Vintage heritage: Story of mineral springs flows through Texas history
Authors: Parisi,Phil
Source: Texas Heritage, 2011, 3 : ,pg 28- 31
Subjects: Mineral waters -- Texas Indian Hot Springs (Tex.) -- History Mineral Wells (Tex.) -- History
Ref ID: 91926
Title: Playing by the rules: Groundwater is covered by an archaic law that could leave us high and dry
Authors: Patoski,Joe Nick
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :12 ,pg 10- 13
Subjects: West Texas Region - Water-supply Williams Clayton Jr Hunt Woody Anschutz Phil Pickens T.Boone Rule of capture Comanche Springs Fort Stockton (Tex.) Craddick Tom Uresti Carlos Ogallala Aquifer Water rights
Additional Information: ID: 105; Tables regarding water usage.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89545
Title: Culture: Water shares
Authors: Porter,Charles
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :12 ,pg 33- 34
Subjects: Water rights Rule of capture
Additional Information: ID: 116; Book mentioned: Spanish Water/Anglo Water: Early Development in San Antonio by Charles Porter.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89552
Title: Postcards: Attwater's prairie-chickens
Authors: Shakespeare,Margaret
Source: Texas Highways, 2010, 57 :5   13
Subjects: Attwater's prairie chicken
Additional Information: ID: 657; Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge (Eagle Lake).; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89596
Title: Cool ways on hot days: Texas water parks; Oases from the summer heat
Authors: Shields,Clint
Source: Fiscal Notes, 2010, : ,pg 10- 11
Subjects: Water parks
Additional Information: ID: 21; New Braunfels Schlitterbahn Waterpark; Galvestton Schlitterbahn Park; South Padre Island Schlitterbahn Park; Cedar Park Proposed Schlitterbahn Park; Kansas City, KS Schlitterbahn Park; Arlington Wet n Wild and Hurrican Harbor; San Antonio Splashto
Ref ID: 89608
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of water departments - A ruling for capture
Authors: Wider,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :15    
Subjects: Water conservation - Law and legislation
Additional Information: ID: 164; Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89681
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