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Title: Novel approach: An intimate chronicle of Dixie
Authors: Leleux,Robert
Source: Texas Observer, Feb-12, 104 :2 ,pg 39-  
Subjects: Chesnut Mary United States - History (Book Review) South (U.S.) - History (Book Review) Civil War 1861 - 1865 (Book Review)
Additional Information: A review of a new edition of Mary Chesnut's A Diary from Dixie (1905) edited by Chesnut's great-great grandneice, Martha M. Daniels.
Ref ID: 93265
Title: Operation Texas: Lyndon B. Johnson, the Jewish question and the Nazi Holocaust
Authors: Smallwood,James
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall , 50 :2 ,pg 88- 106
Subjects: Antisemitism Jews --Persecutions Johnson Lyndon B. Jews -- United States
Ref ID: 94396
Title: The unsinkable Lisa Blue
Authors: Hollandsworth,Skip
Source: Texas Monthly, December 2012, 40 :12 ,pg 180- 183+
Subjects: Baron Lisa Blue United States - Politics and government Edwards John Baron Fred
Additional Information: Profile of Dallas socialite, Lisa Blue Baron, whose husband Fred helped bankroll John Edwards 2008 presidential campaign.
Ref ID: 95166
Title: Up in the air: In the very public fight between Texas and the federal government, no organization has been as vilified as the EPA and its 'job-killing' regulations. That may be good politics, but is it good policy?
Authors: Blakeslee,Nate
Source: Texas Monthly, Dec-11, 39 :12 ,pg 148-151+-  
Subjects: Air pollution Perry Rick Coal-fired power plants Luminant Energy Company LLC Fraser Troy Smith Tom "Smitty" Eltife Kevin Abbott Greg Jackson Lisa Shaw Bryan Texas Commission on Environmental Quality United States Environmental Protection Agency Geo
Additional Information: Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) of the EPA. People mentioned: Troy Fraser, David Campbell (CEO of Luminant), Tom "Smitty" Smith (Public Citizen), Kevin Eltife, Phil Wilson, John Wilder (CEO of TXU), Al Almendariz, Laura Miller, Trammell Crow, Rober
Ref ID: 92777
Title: Big beat: Did the U.S. government supply the gun that killed Jaime Zapata? Why did the Department of Justice wait more than five months to arrest three men it knew were gun dealers?
Authors: Casares,Cindy
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 25-  
Subjects: Zapata Jaime United States Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Carter's Country (Houston Tex.) Gun control Cornyn John Holder Eric
Additional Information: Operation Fast and Furious.
Ref ID: 92791
Title: Political intelligence: Get off my island
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-12, 104 :8    
Subjects: Galveston (Tex.) - Politics and government United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Public housing Hurricane Ike 2008 - Recovery Rosen Lewis Jaworski Joe
Additional Information: The city of Galveston accused of driving out people of color by refusing to rebuild public housing destroyed by Hurricane Ike.
Ref ID: 94863
Title: Culture: the dictator on the ranch
Authors: Rosenblatt,Josh
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-12, 104 :8 ,pg 36- 38
Subjects: Kennedy John F. Khan Ayub United States - Foreign relations - 1961-1963 - Pakistan Texas Archive of Moving Image (TAMI): Historical films
Additional Information: The 1961 visit of Pakistani dictator, Ayub Khan with President John F. Kennedy and Vice President Johnson at the latter's Stonewall (Tex.) ranch captured on a 20 minute newsreel. The film was acquired in 2007 by the Texas Archive of Moving Image (TAMI), a non-profit organization that restores, digitizes, and preserves Texas-related historically significant films.
Ref ID: 94790
Title: Land of the setting sun
Authors: Dotzour,Mark G.
Source: Tierra Grande, Apr-12, 19 :2 ,pg 18- 21
Subjects: Japan - Economic conditions United States - Economic conditions
Additional Information: Japan in the 1990's offers a cautionary lesson for the U.S. today.
Ref ID: 94192
Title: China's crisis, America's hope?
Authors: Klassen,Gerald
Source: Tierra Grande, Apr-12, 19 :2    
Subjects: China - Economic conditions United States - Economic conditions
Ref ID: 94235
Title: Behind the lines: General admission
Authors: Burka,Paul
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-12, 40 :4 ,pg 12- 18
Subjects: Higher education - Law and legislation Supreme Court of the United States Affirmative action programs University of Texas at Austin (Austin Tex.)
Additional Information: The U.S. Supreme Court hears the affirmative action case Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin, which is the fifth case overall, and the third involving the University of Texas at Austin, dealing with the issue of race in college admissions.
Ref ID: 94165
Title: The last blast: After thirty years, NASA is sending its final space shuttles into the great beyond. Will we ever know again the ear-popping, heart-stopping thrill of the launch?
Authors: Reinert,Al
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-11, 39 :4 ,pg 126- 135
Subjects: United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space shuttles
Ref ID: 91243
Title: Politucus interruptus
Source: Texas Weekly, 9-Jan-12, 29 :1    
Subjects: Election districts Supreme Court of the United States
Ref ID: 93115
Title: The Hightower report: New Congress critters act like old pros
Authors: Hightower,Jim
Source: Texas Observer, 7-Jan-11, 102 :23 ,pg 29-  
Subjects: United States Congress Lobbying Kinzinger Adam Harris Andy
Additional Information: Should be v.103, no.1.
Ref ID: 90613
Title: Notes on a runoff
Source: Texas Weekly, 6-Aug-12, 29 :29    
Subjects: Dewhurst David Cruz Ted United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 94426
Title: A Congressional double-header out west
Source: Texas Weekly, 5-Sep-11, 28 :33    
Subjects: Texas Legislature - 82nd - House of Representatives - Elections United States Congress. House of Representatives - Elections
Ref ID: 91981
Title: Inside intelligence: Battles of the Titans
Source: Texas Weekly, 5-Mar-12, 29 :9    
Subjects: Governors - Election Perry Rick United States Congress. Senate - Elections Railroad Commission of Texas - Commissioner - Elections
Ref ID: 93100
Title: The Hightower report: EPA revokes a permit for decapitating mountains
Authors: Hightower,Jim
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3 ,pg 19-  
Subjects: Arch Coal Inc Manchin Joe III Coal mines and mining United States Environmental Protection Agency
Ref ID: 90614
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of rogue candidates - You feeling lucky?
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3    
Subjects: Hutchison Kay Bailey United States Congress - House of Representatives Williams Roger Cruz Ted Williams Michael Jones Elizabeth Ames Dewhurst David
Ref ID: 90688
Title: Risks for Perry in Senate race
Source: Texas Weekly, 2-Jul-12, 29 :26    
Subjects: Perry Rick Dewhurst David United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 94423
Title: Senate runoff raises debate stakes
Source: Texas Weekly, 25-Jun-12, 29 :25    
Subjects: Debates and debating United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 93462
Title: Long shots
Source: Texas Weekly, 24-Sep-12, 29 :36    
Subjects: Cruz Ted United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 94400
Title: The Trent affair: American diplomacy and British debate concerning involvement in the American Civil War
Authors: Nguyen,Som-Mai Q.
Source: Texas Historian, 2011-2012, 72 :   10
Subjects: Slidell John Seward William United States -- HIstory -- Civil War 1861-1865
Ref ID: 92525
Title: Debate and diplomacy: The establishment of the U. S. - Mexico boundary
Authors: Pena,Gloria
Source: Texas Historian, 2011-2012, 72 : ,pg 51- 52
Subjects: United States -- Boundaries -- Mexico Mexican War 1846-1848
Ref ID: 92528
Title: Notes and documents: M. L. Crimmins and Ewen Cameron
Authors: Ainsworth,Len
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2010, 86 : ,pg 158- 169
Subjects: Crimmins Martin Lalor Cameron Ewen United States. Army -- Cavalry Frontier and pioneer life
Ref ID: 91873
Title: Culture: Book review - The Corps of New Orleans (review of Perilous Place, Powerful Storms: Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana by Craig Colten)
Authors: Miller,Char
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :16 ,pg 25- 26
Subjects: Colten Craig United States Army Corps of Engineers (Book review) Mississippi River Delta (La.) (Book review) Hurricanes (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 194; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89505
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