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Title: Between the lines: The budget crisis? Peanuts. Voter ID? A trifle. The most contentious political issue this session may well be redistricting, which will determine how elections are won and lost for the next decade. Silly voter, you didn't think you were
Authors: Hart,Patricia Kilday
Source: Texas Monthly, Jan-11, 39 :1 ,pg 116- 119
Subjects: Election districts Texas Legislature Edwards Chet Craddick Tom DeLay Tom Flores Bill Gerrymandering Foreman Ed Silbey David Cornyn John Wentworth Jeff Texans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee Ellis Jim Whitmire John Stenholm Charles Bic
Additional Information: Voting Rights Act.
Ref ID: 90609
Title: The picture show: The Zellner brothers embrace awkwardness
Authors: Rosenblatt,Josh
Source: Texas Observer, Feb-12, 104 :2 ,pg 41- 42
Subjects: Sundance Film Festival Zellner David Zellner Nathan
Additional Information: Independent filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner and their entries at the Sundance Film Festival.
Ref ID: 93309
Title: Man's bat friends (Review of Bats of Texas by Loren K. Ammerman, Christine L. Hice, and David J. Schmidly)
Authors: Heaberlin,Dick
Source: Texas Books in Review, Fall/Winter 2012, 32 :3/4    
Subjects: Bats - Field guides (Book review) Ammerman Loren K. Hice Christine L. Schmidly David J.
Ref ID: 95162
Title: Book reviews (review of Jose Antonio Navarro: In Search of the American Dream by David McDonald)
Authors: Guerra,Dora Elizondo
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Fall 2011, 24 :2 ,pg 92- 108
Subjects: McDonald David Navarro Jose Antonio (Book review)
Ref ID: 92512
Title: Political intelligence: Annals of faith-based medicine - Perry's stem cell gamble
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 3-5-  
Subjects: Stem cellsΓÇöResearchΓÇöLaw and legislation Perry Rick Jones Stanley Eller David Celltex Therapeutics Corporation
Ref ID: 92965
Title: Capital watch: New session, new faces
Authors: Gonzalez,Dan
Source: Texas Lone Star, Aug-12, 30 :7 ,pg 23- 24
Subjects: Primaries - Texas Texas Legislature - Elections Texas State Board of Education - Elections Texas Legislature. House of Representatives - Public Education Committee Bell Cecil Schaefer Matt Paddie Chris Toth Steven Farney Marsha Turner Scott Longoria Oscar Ashby Trent Frank James Sanford Scott Edna Mary Strickland Jonathan Capriglione Giovanni Turner Chris Fallon Patrick Rose Toni Wentworth Jeff Campbell Donna Allen Lawrence Bradley David Cargill Barbara Garza Charlie Hardy Pat Knight Mavis Mercer Ken Ratliff Thomas Texas Legislature. Senate
Additional Information: Details losers and winners in the state primary election for the Texas House, Senate, and State Board of Education which will impact school districts throughout the state.
Ref ID: 94662
Title: A mighty wind: Giant turbines topped by aerodynamic blades account for a rising share of the state's electrical grid--and may change the way people look at green energy (and Texas). But getting here wasn't easy. Just ask the dreamers who started it all
Authors: Galbraith,Kate;Price,Asher
Source: Texas Monthly, Aug-11, 39 :8 ,pg 104-107+-  
Subjects: Wind turbines James Joe Nelson Vaughn Gilmore Earl Barieau Robert Osborne Michael Carter Jay Carter Jay Jr. Richards Ann Rose Mark King Bob Hornaday Walter Bush George W. Wyly Sam Wood Pat Wolens Steve Sibley David Electric utilities - Der
Ref ID: 92827
Title: Books: Gunfire and brimstone - Fort Worth preacher J. Frank Norris paved the way for today's televangelists. But he's probably best know as the defendant in a wild 1927 murder trial
Authors: Graham,Don
Source: Texas Monthly, Aug-11, 39 :8 ,pg 52+-  
Subjects: Norris J. Frank (Book review) Stokes David R.
Additional Information: The Shooting Salvationist: J. Frank Norris and the Murder Trial that Captivated America by David R. Stokes.
Ref ID: 92831
Title: The lost boys: In December 1970 two teenagers disappeared from the Heights neighborhood, in Houston. Then another and another and another. As the number of missing kids grew, no one realized that the most prolific serial killer the country had ever seen--
Authors: Hollandsworth,Skip
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-11, 39 :4 ,pg 120-125+-  
Subjects: Houston (Tex.) - Crime Serial murderers Corll Dean Scott Mary Henley Wayne Brooks David
Ref ID: 91187
Title: Floor play: Paging reality
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, 8-Apr-11, 103 :7 ,pg 15-  
Subjects: Budget Texas Legislature Dewhurst David Straus Joe Perry Rick Unemployment Taxation
Ref ID: 91242
Title: Dateline Austin: The infamous 'Austin Anarchists'--in their own words--'The DPS is pimping David and me to push an agenda and hide their incompetence'
Authors: May,Michael
Source: Texas Observer, 8-Apr-11, 103 :7 ,pg 16-20-  
Subjects: Texas Department of Public Safety McCraw Steve Darby Brandon Crowder Brad McKay David Texas Governor's mansion - Arson Republican National Convention
Ref ID: 91209
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of immigration - Crossing the line
Authors: Del Bosque,Melissa
Source: Texas Observer, 7-Jan-11, 102 :23    
Subjects: Hammond Bill Texas Association of Business Immigration - Law and legislation Riddle Debbie Dewhurst David
Additional Information: Should be v.103, no.1.
Ref ID: 90577
Title: From soapbox to the floor: How will Tea Party freshmen--with their utopian small-government views--actually govern?
Authors: Rapoport,Abby;Wilder,Forrest;Mann,Dave
Source: Texas Observer, 7-Jan-11, 102 :23 ,pg 16- 19
Subjects: Tea Party Simpson David Scott Connie White James Perry Charles Budget Immigration - Law and legislation Medicaid
Additional Information: Should be v.103, no.1.
Ref ID: 90684
Title: Culture: Book review - Legal lynching
Authors: May,Rachel Proctor
Source: Texas Observer, 6-May-11, 103 :8 ,pg 24-25-  
Subjects: Garland David Capital punishment (Book review) Judicial error (Book review)
Additional Information: Peculiar Institution: America's Death Penalty in an Age of Abolition by David Garland.
Ref ID: 91210
Title: Notes on a runoff
Source: Texas Weekly, 6-Aug-12, 29 :29    
Subjects: Dewhurst David Cruz Ted United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 94426
Title: Inside intelligence: Runoff fallout
Source: Texas Weekly, 6-Aug-12, 29 :29    
Subjects: Dewhurst David Straus Joe
Ref ID: 94437
Title: Purple state: Bully for God
Authors: Moser,Bob
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3 ,pg 28-  
Subjects: Barton David Radio - Talk shows
Ref ID: 90662
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of rogue candidates - You feeling lucky?
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3    
Subjects: Hutchison Kay Bailey United States Congress - House of Representatives Williams Roger Cruz Ted Williams Michael Jones Elizabeth Ames Dewhurst David
Ref ID: 90688
Title: Political intelligence: Tortured logic dept. - Eroding open beaches
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3    
Subjects: Abbott Greg Open Beaches Act Patterson Jerry Severance Carol Medina David Irvine Charles
Additional Information: Severance v. Patterson.
Ref ID: 90749
Title: Shock and awe: How Texas conservatives are manipulating a budget crisis of their own creation
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3 ,pg 12- 13
Subjects: Perry Rick Empower Texans Kerr Andrew Budget Dewhurst David Texas Legislature - Legislative Budget Board Patrick Dan Texas Public Policy Foundation Education - Finance Pitts Jim Universities and colleges - Finance Mental health - Finance Watson Kirk
Ref ID: 90750
Title: Seceding from history: Slavery apologists are using the 150th anniversary of the Civil War to whitewash history
Authors: Davies,David Martin
Source: Texas Observer, 4-Feb-11, 103 :3 ,pg 16- 19
Subjects: Texas - History - Civil War 1861-1865 Twiggs David Emanuel Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Texas Historical Commission McWhorter William
Ref ID: 90575
Title: Inside intelligence: From the presidency to vouchers
Source: Texas Weekly, 3-Sep-12, 29 :33    
Subjects: Presidents - Election Perry Rick Dewhurst David School vouchers
Ref ID: 94413
Title: Risks for Perry in Senate race
Source: Texas Weekly, 2-Jul-12, 29 :26    
Subjects: Perry Rick Dewhurst David United States Congress. Senate - Elections
Ref ID: 94423
Title: Looking at books: (review of Jose Antonio Navarro: In search of the American dream in nineteenth-century Texas)
Authors: de la Teja,Jesus F.
Source: Texas Heritage, 2011, 1 : ,pg 29-  
Subjects: Navarro Jose Antonio (Book review) McDonald David
Ref ID: 90763
Title: Contributors
Source: Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2011, 23 : ,pg 195- 198
Subjects: Alex Thomas C. Cadden Don Duarte Gloria Francell Lawrence John Keller David W. Ohl Andrea Platt Steven Taylor Lonn Freer-Waters Rachel Wilde Megan Willeford Glenn Wright Paul
Additional Information: Short biographical information on authors in this issue.
Ref ID: 92493
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