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Title: News & notes: New from Michael Wallis
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2011, 24 :1 ,pg 50- 53
Subjects: West (U. S.)--Books
Ref ID: 91621
Title: TH taste: We gotta kolache
Authors: Moffatt,Lori
Source: Texas Highways, Sep-12, 59 :9 ,pg 24-  
Subjects: Kolaches - Festivals West (Tex.) - Festivals Caldwell (Tex.) - Festivals
Additional Information: Westfest (West); Caldwell Kolache Festival.
Ref ID: 94755
Title: Letter from Midland: Blame it on no rain - As the Permian Basin dries up, Midland's residents are grappling with a reality they've never had to face before: Water restrictions. And it isn't pretty
Authors: Galbraith,Kate
Source: Texas Monthly, Sep-11, 39 :9 ,pg 86+-  
Subjects: Midland (Tex.) - Water-supply Perry Wes Colorado River Municipal Water District
Ref ID: 92826
Title: In "Moonrise Kingdom," Anderson taps his inner child
Authors: Rosenblatt,Josh
Source: Texas Observer, October 2012, 104 :10 ,pg 40- 42
Subjects: Moonrise Kingdom (Motion picture review) Anderson Wes
Ref ID: 95258
Title: Uncontested ground: The northwestern frontier of Texas, 1846-1855
Authors: Liles,Debbie
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, Oct-11, 87 : ,pg 98- 117
Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life -- West Texas Region Indians of North America
Ref ID: 94066
Title: HOme-brewed: Organized crime in West Texas in the 1950s
Authors: Weaver,R. G.
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, Oct-11, 87 : ,pg 118- 126
Subjects: West Texas Region -- Organized crime -- History
Ref ID: 94085
Title: Lubbock and West Texas unsung musical hero: The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Authors: Weiner,Robert G.
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, Oct-11, 87 : ,pg 72- 83
Subjects: Odam Norman Music - History - West Texas Region Country music
Ref ID: 94086
Title: Screens: Wes is more
Authors: Kelly,Christopher
Source: Texas Monthly, November 2012, 40 :11 ,pg 96- 98+
Subjects: Anderson Wes Motion picture producers and directors
Ref ID: 95176
Title: Luv and war at 30,000 feet
Authors: Gwynne,S. C.
Source: Texas Monthly, Mar-12, 40 :3 ,pg 124- 129+
Subjects: Airlines Southwest Airlines
Ref ID: 93249
Title: Panther Cave: Rock art in danger
Authors: Lohrmann,Charles J.
Source: Texas Highways, Mar-12, 59 :3 ,pg 24- 31
Subjects: Cave paintings Pecos River Valley (Tex.) - Prehistoric art - Conservation and restoration Prehistoric art - West Texas Region - Conservation and restoration
Ref ID: 93270
Title: Midwestern State University: Make it yours! (Advertisement)
Source: Texas Monthly, Jun-12, 40 :6 ,pg 229-  
Subjects: Midwestern State University State universities and colleges
Ref ID: 94128
Title: Political intelligence: Price rebate
Authors: Richardson,Susan Smith
Source: Texas Observer, Jul-12, 104 :7    
Subjects: Price John Wiley Political corruption Dallas (Tex.) - Politics and government West Royce Fain Dapheny Nealy Kathy
Ref ID: 94783
Title: The writing on the wall
Authors: Hodge,Roger D.
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 102- 105+
Subjects: Rock paintings - West Texas Pecos River Valley (Tex.) - Prehistoric art Droughts - History Archaeology - Pecos County
Ref ID: 94679
Title: Classroom innovation in the information age
Authors: Kyle,Kelly
Source: Texas Lone Star, December 2012, 30 :10   11
Subjects: Eanes (Tex.) - Schools Technology in education iPad (Computer) Westlake Intitiative For Innovation (WIFI) Teaching - Aids and devices
Additional Information: Use of tablet computers at Eanes (Tex.) school district integrated into teacher lesson plans.
Ref ID: 95328
Title: TH Traveler: Polka proud
Source: Texas Highways, Aug-12, 59 :8 ,pg 63-  
Subjects: West (Tex.) - Festivals
Additional Information: 37th annual Westfest Polka Festival (West).
Ref ID: 94568
Title: Talk of Texas: The drought
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-11, 103 :13    
Subjects: Perry Wes Purvis Stuart Myers Crystal West Texas Region - Water-supply
Ref ID: 92761
Title: Postcards: All aboard for Slaton
Authors: McKey,Nola
Source: Texas Highways, Apr-11, 58 :4 ,pg 12- 14+
Subjects: Slaton (Tex.) Railroads - History - West Texas Region
Ref ID: 91010
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of skid-greasing - Radioactive gifts
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 8-Apr-11, 103 :7 ,pg 2-3-  
Subjects: West Texas Region - Radioactive waste disposal Simmons Harold Waste Control Specialists Lewis Tryon Gregory Bob
Ref ID: 91289
Title: A legacy of old letters
Authors: Walsh,Louise
Source: Texas Heritage, 2012, 1 : ,pg 14- 18
Subjects: Georgetown (Tex.) --History Price Early Walton Southwestern University--History Genealogy
Additional Information: Book: The Ties That Bind: A Georgetown Texas Memoir 1904-1909 by Louise Walsh.
Ref ID: 93092
Title: Ninety-six miles in ninety-six hours: the Marfa-Terlingua Freight Road, 1899-1960
Authors: Taylor,Lonn
Source: Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2011, 23 :   20
Subjects: Marfa (Tex.) -- History Mine haulage Roads -- Construction West Texas Region -- History
Ref ID: 92538
Title: A life-giving trail: Documenting the environmental history of Alamito Creek
Authors: Wilde,Megan;Platt,Steven
Source: Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2011, 23 : ,pg 39- 62
Subjects: Alamito Creek - West Texas Region Rivers Trails -- West Texas Region
Ref ID: 92543
Title: Political intelligence: Tyrant's foes - Defending invisibles
Authors: Del Bosque,Melissa
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :7    
Subjects: Garza Nadezhda Garza Anayanse United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Southwest Workers Union Emigration and immigration
Additional Information: ID: 206; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 84981
Title: Last days of the Comanches: By the autumn of 1871, the Western frontier was rolling backward, retreating in the face of savage Indian attacks. When a ragtag army of federal soldiers arrived on the Llano Estacado to crush the hostile natives once and for a
Authors: Gwynne,S. C.
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :5 ,pg 126- 129
Subjects: Parker Quanah Comanche Indians Gwynne S.C West Texas Region - History Parker Cynthia Ann
Additional Information: ID: 275; Excerpt from Empire of the Summer Moon:Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History by S. C. Gwynne. Illustration by Tyler Jacobson.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85052
Title: Leaving: Urban cowboy - Though I've made my life as a magazine editor in New York City, I've never left behind theTexas borderlands, a harsh country of deceptive deceptive subtle beauty and unforgiving power
Authors: Hodge,Roger D.
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :6 ,pg 98+-  
Subjects: Hodge Roger D West Texas Region
Additional Information: ID: 296; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85091
Title: Author's note: High country thirst (review of River Basins of the American West: A High Country News Reader edited by Char Miller)
Authors: Miller,Char
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :7 ,pg 20- 21
Subjects: Miller Char Bell Tom West (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 362; Second volume in a series that began with Water in the 21st Century West.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85232
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