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Title: Breaking Down Barriers for 1st-Year Teachers: What Teacher Preparation Programs Can Do
Authors: Brashier,Allison;Norris,Elizabeth
Source: Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 2008, 29 :1 ,pg 30- 44
Subjects: Early Childhood Education Preschool Teachers Developmentally Appropriate Practices Barriers Preservice Teacher Education Developmental Stages Beginning Teachers Classroom Environment Teacher Attitudes Curriculum Academic Standards Play Classroom Technique
Additional Information: ID: 5430; LV: Higher Education
Ref ID: 93880
Title: Working with Young Children with Disabilities: Perceptions, Skills, and Training Needs of Head Start Teachers
Authors: Bruns,Deborah A.;Mogharreban,Cathy C.
Source: NHSA Dialog: A Research-to-Practice Journal for the Early Intervention Field, 2008, 11 :1 ,pg 54- 66
Subjects: Educational Needs Individualized Education Programs Disadvantaged Youth Disabilities Young Children Special Needs Students Early Intervention Preschool Teachers Teacher Attitudes Teaching Skills Faculty Development Teacher Improvement Classroom Environmen
Additional Information: ID: 5429; TA: Teachers; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93952
Title: Preschoolers' Social Competence: Relations to Family Characteristics, Teacher Behaviors and Classroom Climate
Authors: Brophy-Herb,Holly E.;Lee,Robert E.;Nievar,M. Angela;Stollak,Gary
Source: Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 2007, 28 :2 ,pg 134- 148
Subjects: Family Characteristics Classroom Environment Preschool Children Parent Education Interpersonal Competence Teacher Behavior Teacher Attitudes Parent Attitudes Correlation Socioeconomic Status Socioeconomic Influences Stress Variables
Additional Information: ID: 5450; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93928
Title: Assessment of Preschool Classroom Practices: Application of Q-Sort Methodology
Authors: Bracken,Stacey Storch;Fischel,Janet E.
Source: Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 2006, 21 :4 ,pg 417- 430
Subjects: Preschool Education Preschool Evaluation Q Methodology Preschool Teachers Teacher Aides Cognitive Development Classroom Observation Techniques Class Activities Program Validation Evaluation Research Ethnography Cluster Grouping
Additional Information: ID: 5485; LV: Preschool Education
Ref ID: 93869
Title: Child Care Teachers' Beliefs and Practices regarding Socialization of Emotion in Young Children
Authors: Ahn,Hey Jun
Source: Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 2005, 26 :3 ,pg 283- 295
Subjects: Emotional Intelligence Socialization Observation Child Care Centers Emotional Development Child Care Preschool Children Teacher Attitudes Preschool Teachers Interviews Comparative Analysis Classroom Techniques Teacher Education
Additional Information: ID: 5491; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93592
Title: Reconceptualising Literacy Understanding and Practices in Early Childhood Settings
Authors: Ashton,Jean;Sproats,Eira
Source: , 2000, :    
Subjects: Case Studies Constructivism (Learning) Early Childhood Education Educational Practices Emergent Literacy Foreign Countries Parent Role Parent School Relationship Pilot Projects Preschool Teachers Reflective Teaching Self Evaluation (Individuals) Teacher A
Additional Information: ID: 1692; ID: 946; ID: 1514; Notes: Paper presented at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Conference (10th, London, England, August 29-September 1, 2000).; ΓÇ£Far from being merely reading and writing therefore, developed
Ref ID: 93653
Title: Circle of Influence: Implementing Shared Decision Making and Participative Management. The Director's Toolbox: A Management Series for Early Childhood Administrators
Authors: Bloom,Paula
Source: Report: ED455922.85pp.2000, 2000, : ,pg 85- 85
Subjects: Administrators Practitioners Early Childhood Education Case Studies Change Strategies Educational Administration Educational Philosophy Empowerment Participative Decision Making Teacher Administrator Relationship
Additional Information: ID: 6144; NO: Source type: books; Object type: Instructional Material; Object type: Guideline; Object type: Book; CSAUnique: ED455922; AccNum: ED455922; DocISBN: 096218943X
Ref ID: 93826
Title: Early Childhood Educators' Beliefs and Practices of Anti-Bias Curriculum in Rural Areas
Authors: Bullock,Janis
Source: Early Child Development and Care, 1996, 126 :   1-13
Subjects: Antibias Practices Early Childhood Curriculum Early Childhood Education Administrator Attitudes Administrators Adults Beliefs Curriculum Rural Areas Rural Population Teacher Administrator Relationship Teacher Attitudes Teaching Methods
Additional Information: ID: 6164; NO: Source type: scholarlyjournals; Object type: Article; Object type: Technical Report; CSAUnique: EJ536363; AccNum: EJ536363; ISSN: 0300-4430
Ref ID: 93959
Title: Members named to state appraisal committee
Source: Advocate, 1994, 13 :6    
Subjects: Citizens' advisory committees in education Texas State Board of Education - Committee on Teacher Appraisal-Assessment
Additional Information: ID: 9451; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 4718
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