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Title: Poet licensed for birds (review of A Murder of Crows: Poems by Larry D. Thomas).
Authors: Belick,Jennifer
Source: Texas Books in Review, Spring/Summer 2011, 31 :1 & 2 ,pg 19- 23
Subjects: Thomas Larry D./ Poetry
Ref ID: 92453
Title: Two hearts
Authors: Cooley,Denton
Source: Texas Monthly, Jan-12, 40 :1 ,pg 92- 97
Subjects: Cooley Denton Heart - Transplantation Karp Haskell Thomas Everett DeBakey Michael
Additional Information: Adapted from Cooley's book "100,000 Hearts: A Surgeon's Memoir" and concerns two of the initial heart transplantation operations performed in the U.S. as well as the surgeon's relationship with fellow heart surgeon, Michael DeBakey.
Ref ID: 93224
Title: Book reviews (review of Until They Are Home, Bringing Back the MIAs from Vietnam, a Personal Memoir by Thomas T. Smith)
Authors: Devlin,Cynthia
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 2011, 49 :2 ,pg 108- 142
Subjects: Smith Thomas T. Vietnam War 1961-1975 -- Missing in action (Book review)
Ref ID: 91896
Title: Capital watch: New session, new faces
Authors: Gonzalez,Dan
Source: Texas Lone Star, Aug-12, 30 :7 ,pg 23- 24
Subjects: Primaries - Texas Texas Legislature - Elections Texas State Board of Education - Elections Texas Legislature. House of Representatives - Public Education Committee Bell Cecil Schaefer Matt Paddie Chris Toth Steven Farney Marsha Turner Scott Longoria Oscar Ashby Trent Frank James Sanford Scott Edna Mary Strickland Jonathan Capriglione Giovanni Turner Chris Fallon Patrick Rose Toni Wentworth Jeff Campbell Donna Allen Lawrence Bradley David Cargill Barbara Garza Charlie Hardy Pat Knight Mavis Mercer Ken Ratliff Thomas Texas Legislature. Senate
Additional Information: Details losers and winners in the state primary election for the Texas House, Senate, and State Board of Education which will impact school districts throughout the state.
Ref ID: 94662
Title: Arch of triumph: Santiago Calatrava's striking bridge over the Trinity River is being hailed as the sleek new emblem of twenty-first-century Dallas. But the real symbol of the future is the ramshackle neighborhood at its western end
Authors: Ennis,Michael
Source: Texas Monthly, Aug-11, 39 :8 ,pg 82+-  
Subjects: Trinity River - Bridges Calatrave Santiago Dallas (Tex.) - Neighborhoods Dallas (Tex.) - City planning Kessler George Suhm Mary Thomas Gail
Additional Information: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Plan: "West Dallas Urban Structure and Guidelines."
Ref ID: 92823
Title: Contributors
Source: Journal of Big Bend Studies, 2011, 23 : ,pg 195- 198
Subjects: Alex Thomas C. Cadden Don Duarte Gloria Francell Lawrence John Keller David W. Ohl Andrea Platt Steven Taylor Lonn Freer-Waters Rachel Wilde Megan Willeford Glenn Wright Paul
Additional Information: Short biographical information on authors in this issue.
Ref ID: 92493
Title: Artist preserves Texas history with a paintbrush
Source: Texas Heritage, 2011, 1 : ,pg 26-  
Subjects: Thomason Ronald Harper (Tex.) - Art studios Artists
Ref ID: 90758
Title: Book reviews (review of The Lipan Apaches: People of Wind and Lightning by Thomas A. Britten)
Authors: Grua,David W.
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2010, 86 : ,pg 170- 198
Subjects: Britten Thomas A. Indians of North America (Book review) Lipan Indians (Book review)
Ref ID: 91902
Title: History in West Texas: People
Authors: Paschall,Freedonia
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2010, 86 : ,pg 199- 223
Subjects: Dean Jimmy Edson Gary Griggs Bill Maddux Jack Mahoney Sylvia G. Moorhouse Bob Rodenberger Lou Halsell Staley Thomas F. Williams Don
Ref ID: 91957
Title: The poet brushes multiple canvasses (review of The Skin of Light by Larry D. Thomas)
Authors: Hada,Ken
Source: Texas Books in Review, 2010, 30 :1 ,pg 23 + 24-  
Subjects: Thomas Larry D Poetry
Additional Information: ID: 61; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89391
Title: The horse's mouth: Everything I could tell you about...Making Dr Pepper
Authors: Sweany,Brian D.
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :10 ,pg 34-  
Subjects: Dr Pepper Snapple Group Soft drinks Thomas David
Additional Information: ID: 269; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89644
Title: Book reviews (review of Peg Leg: The Improbable Life of a Texas Hero Thomas William Ward 1807-1872 by David C. Humphrey
Authors: Howell,Kenneth W.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, 2010, 48 :2 ,pg 128- 162
Subjects: Humphrey David C Ward Thomas William (Book review) Texas - History (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 453; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 90139
Title: Double murder in a small West Texas town
Authors: Stephens,Christena
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2009, 85 : ,pg 28- 37
Subjects: Littlefield (Tex.)--History Hunt Roy Hunt May (Franks) Newton W. R. Thomas Jim Clyde Homicide
Ref ID: 91657
Title: Review: Canon fodder (review of A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green by Thomas Cahill)
Authors: Moye,Todd
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :15 ,pg 26- 27
Subjects: Cahill Thomas Capital punishment (Book review) Green Dominic Jerome (Book review) Administration of criminal justice (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 2456; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81188
Title: Review: You have the right to sue. Right? (review of The Preemption War: When Federal Bureaucracies Trump Local Juries by Thomas O. McGarity)
Authors: Richards,Dave
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :5 ,pg 25-  
Subjects: McGarity Thomas O Products liability (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 2546; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81351
Title: Previews + reviews: Books
Authors: Shea,Mike
Source: Texas Monthly, 2009, 37 :6 ,pg 60-  
Subjects: Martin Clancy Leveritt Thomas Macleod Hugh
Additional Information: ID: 2601; How to Sell by Clancy Martin, The Exchange Rate Between Love and Money by Thomas Leveritt, and Ignore Everybody (and 39 Other Keys to Creativity) by Hugh Macleod.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81449
Title: Below the surface: Since 1996, a legal battle has raged between Exxonmobil and a powerful South Texas ranching clan that believes the oil company sabotaged wells on the family property. Even after a ruling by the state Supreme Court earlier this year, the
Authors: Swartz,Mimi
Source: Texas Monthly, 2009, 37 :11 ,pg 108- 113
Subjects: O'Connor Thomas Michael Exxonmobil Corporation South Texas Region - Remedies (Law)
Additional Information: ID: 1061; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81604
Title: Dateline: Killeen - Injured hearts, injured minds
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :15 ,pg 28- 31
Subjects: Kern Michael Thomas Cindy Killeen (Tex.) - Services for veterans
Additional Information: ID: 35; Under the Hood coffeehouse. Includes photographs.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81737
Title: About the authors
Source: Journal of South Texas, 2009, 22 :2 ,pg 188- 189
Subjects: Baker James K O'Connor Louise S Thomas Chris Glasrud Bruce A Cardenas Alfredo E
Additional Information: ID: 412; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 84576
Title: Book reviews (review of Landscapes, Water, and Man: Geology and History in the San Antonio Area of Texas by Thomas E. Ewing)
Authors: Wills,Frederick H.
Source: Journal of South Texas, 2009, 22 :2 ,pg 190- 208
Subjects: Ewing Thomas E Geology - Texas - San Antonio Region (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 911; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85515
Title: Previews + reviews: Now on DVD: Ghostland Observatory
Source: Texas Monthly, 2008, 36 :1 ,pg 50-  
Subjects: Behren Aaron Turner Thomas Musicians and singers
Additional Information: ID: 8396; Live from Austin TX, originally a July 2007 Austin City Limits taping.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44422
Title: Suiting up
Source: Texas Weekly, 2008, 25 :29    
Subjects: Phillips Thomas R Brimer Kenneth "Kim"
Additional Information: ID: 10110; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 45118
Title: Turning Houston blue: Can the Democrats sweep Houston? (Maybe. But don't hold your breath...)
Authors: Mann,Dave
Source: Texas Observer, 2008, 100 :20   16
Subjects: Harris County Democratic Party Houston (Tex.) - Voting Doherty Larry Joe Birnberg Gerry Angle Matt Matthiesen Dave Eversole Jerry Rosenthal Chuck Trautman Diane Bettencourt Paul Thomas Tommy Garcia Adrian Thibaut Kristi Murphy Jim Vo Hubert Bell Chris
Additional Information: ID: 9093; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 48440
Title: Book reviews (review of Combat Loaded: Across the Pacific on the USS Tate by Thomas E. Crew)
Authors: Utley,Dan K.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, 2008, 46 :1 ,pg 59- 94
Subjects: Crew Thomas E World War 1939-1945 (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 9028; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 50548
Title: The castaways: Can Galveston's Black community survive the island's comeback?
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 2008, 100 :24   15
Subjects: Galveston (Tex.) - Disaster relief Hurricane Ike 2008 African Americans - Galveston (Tex.) Beeton Elizabeth Thomas Lyda Ann Krishnarao Harish
Additional Information: ID: 9234; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 50786
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