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Title: Conflict Resolution and Children's Behaviour: Observing and Understanding Social and Cooperative Play in Early Years Educational Settings
Authors: Broadhead,Pat
Source: Early Years: An International Journal of Research and Development, 2009, 29 :2 ,pg 105- 118
Subjects: Play Conflict Young Children Conflict Resolution Early Childhood Education Peer Relationship Interpersonal Competence Cooperation Social Development Observation Stress Variables Teaching Methods Vignettes Interpersonal Relationship Foreign Countries Unite
Additional Information: ID: 3446; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93906
Title: Maternal and Child Contributions to Cortisol Response to Emotional Arousal in Young Children from Low-Income, Rural Communities
Authors: Blair,Clancy;Granger,Douglas A.;Kivlighan,Katie T.;Mills-Koonce,Roger;Willoughby,Michael;Greenberg,Mark T.;Hibel,Leah C.;Fortunato,Christine K.
Source: Developmental psychology, 2008, 44 :4 ,pg 1095- 1109
Subjects: Parent Child Relationship Mothers Toddlers Infants Cognitive Development Emotional Response Low Income Rural Areas Family Income Personality Attention Biochemistry African Americans Metabolism Stress Variables
Additional Information: ID: 3563
Ref ID: 93819
Title: Preschoolers' Social Competence: Relations to Family Characteristics, Teacher Behaviors and Classroom Climate
Authors: Brophy-Herb,Holly E.;Lee,Robert E.;Nievar,M. Angela;Stollak,Gary
Source: Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 2007, 28 :2 ,pg 134- 148
Subjects: Family Characteristics Classroom Environment Preschool Children Parent Education Interpersonal Competence Teacher Behavior Teacher Attitudes Parent Attitudes Correlation Socioeconomic Status Socioeconomic Influences Stress Variables
Additional Information: ID: 5450; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93928
Title: From One Class to Another: How Transitions May Affect Infants and Toddlers. FPG Snapshot #25
Source: , 2005, :    
Subjects: Toddlers Social Behavior Caregivers Child Development Psychological Patterns Child Care Centers Infants Stress Variables ERIC
Additional Information: ID: 4284
Ref ID: 93541
Viewing 1-4 of 4 Record(s)        

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