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Title: Editorial: House elections, A long way to go
Authors: Dubose,Louis
Source: Texas Observer, 1990, 82 :4    
Subjects: Jones Dan Owens S.W."Sam" Jenkins Cindy Curtis Timothy Medders Ken Oliveira Rene O Weisfeld Rosalie Greenberg Sherri Naishtat Elliott Wallace Aliceanne Smiddy Mike Gallego Pete Willis Doyle Puente Robert Garcia Nef Wilson Ron Allee Henry Yarborough Ken Se
Additional Information: ID: 2972; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 9183
Title: Stuff and new stuff
Source: Texas Child Care Quarterly, 1988, 11 :4 ,pg 18- 21
Subjects: Baden Ruth Bender Judith Ferrill June Blau Rosalie Nelson Christine A
Additional Information: ID: 641; Review of: School-Age Child Care: An Action Manual by Ruth Baden, Andrea Genser, James Levine, and Michelle Seligson; Half a Childhood: Time for School-age Child Care by Judith Bender, Barbara Schuyler-Haas Elder, and Charles H. Flatter; After-School Special: Solutins for Houston's Children by June Ferrill and Kathleen McNemar Rolend; Activities for School-Age Child Care by Rosalie Blau, Elizabeth H. Brady, Ida Bucher, Betsy Hiteshew, Ann Zavitkovsky, and Docia Zavitkovsky; Should I Call the Doctor by Christine A. Nelson and Susan C. Pescar.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 82064
Viewing 1-2 of 2 Record(s)        

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