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Title: Warm views of a cold place (review of Ice House Sketches by Robert Phillips)
Authors: Thompson,Herb
Source: Texas Books in Review, Winter/Spring 2012, 31-32 :4-1 ,pg 19-  
Subjects: Houston (Tex.) - Restaurants (Book review) Phillips Robert
Additional Information: Portraits of people who frequented the Ice House (Houston).
Ref ID: 94356
Title: Here be dragons (Review of "Lessons from Hurrican Ike" edited by Philip B. Bedient)
Authors: McDade,Joseph
Source: Texas Books in Review, Summer 2012, 32 :2 ,pg 9+-  
Subjects: Hurricane Ike 2008 (Book review) Bedient Philip B.
Ref ID: 94740
Title: The boy from Haskell: Rick Perry's small-town TExas politics
Authors: Elbein,Saul
Source: Texas Observer, Oct-11, 103 :15 ,pg 16-19-  
Subjects: Perry Rick Haskell (Tex.) Perry Ray Stenholm Charles "Charlie" Gramm Phil DeLay Tom Perry Bob
Ref ID: 92819
Title: Editorial: Bernard Rapoport, 1917-2012
Source: Texas Observer, May-12, 104 :5    
Subjects: Rapoport Bernard Philanthropists Texas Observer (Periodical)
Ref ID: 94092
Title: Bernard Rapoport: A life examined
Authors: Dubose,Lou
Source: Texas Observer, May-12, 104 :5   15
Subjects: Rapoport Bernard Philanthropists
Ref ID: 94193
Title: Come and take a look at me now
Authors: Spong,John
Source: Texas Monthly, Jan-12, 40 :1 ,pg 122- 127+
Subjects: Collins Phil Musicians and singers San Antonio (Tex.) - Missions Alamo
Additional Information: British pop singer Phil Collins and his collection of Alamo artifacts
Ref ID: 93328
Title: Hemphill's Space Shuttle Museum
Authors: Lohrmann,Charles J.
Source: Texas Highways, Feb-11, 58 :2 ,pg 21-  
Subjects: Hemphill (Tex.) - Museums
Ref ID: 90999
Title: Pieces of the Alamo (Review of The Alamo and Beyond: A Collector's Journey by Phil Collins)
Authors: Nelson,E. S.
Source: Texas Books in Review, Fall/Winter 2012, 32 :3/4    
Subjects: Alamo (San Antonio Texas) - Antiquities (Book review) Collins Phil Musicians and singers (Book review) Collectors and collecting (Book review)
Ref ID: 95231
Title: The V.I.P. room: It's the best of times for Rick Perry's friends and former staffers, but to what end?
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 16-23-  
Subjects: Perry Rick Wilson Phil Texas Department of Transportation Campaign funds Medicaid Van de Putte Leticia Texas Association of Health Plans Texas Department of Insurance Unitedhealth Group - Evercare Republican Governors Association CGI Group Texas Health
Additional Information: People mentioned: Mike Toomey, Bob Perry, Dan Shelley, Luis Saenz, Victoria Ford, Ann-Marie Price, Chris Cronn, Albert Hawkins, Andrew Wheat, Ray Sullivan.
Ref ID: 92900
Title: Tex in the city: Queen for a day
Authors: Leleux,Robert
Source: Texas Observer, 7-Jan-11, 102 :23 ,pg 34- 35
Subjects: Menil John de Menil Dominique de Houston (Tex.) - Arts Caldera Vernon Wyatt Lynn Johnson Philip James Charles Muse Vance
Additional Information: Should be v.103, no.1.
Ref ID: 90629
Title: Phil Wilson's war
Source: Texas Weekly, 3-Oct-11, 28 :37    
Subjects: Wilson Phil Texas Department of Transportation
Ref ID: 92000
Title: Short fiction: You are right here
Authors: Meyer,Philipp
Source: Texas Observer, 25-Mar-11, 103 :6 ,pg 18- 20
Subjects: Meyer Philipp
Ref ID: 90652
Title: Living history: A family's extraordinary service: The Fitter brothers
Source: Texas Heritage, 2012, 2 : ,pg 20- 23
Subjects: World War 1939-1945 -- History Fitter Philip Fitter Francis Fitter Jean Fitter Sylvester
Ref ID: 94035
Title: Tracing the poet for there to here (review of Now & Then: New & Selected Poems by Robert Phillips)
Authors: Oliphant,Dave
Source: Texas Books in Review, 2010, 30 :1 ,pg 22 + 24-  
Subjects: Phillips Robert Poetry
Additional Information: ID: 60; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89541
Title: Playing by the rules: Groundwater is covered by an archaic law that could leave us high and dry
Authors: Patoski,Joe Nick
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :12 ,pg 10- 13
Subjects: West Texas Region - Water-supply Williams Clayton Jr Hunt Woody Anschutz Phil Pickens T.Boone Rule of capture Comanche Springs Fort Stockton (Tex.) Craddick Tom Uresti Carlos Ogallala Aquifer Water rights
Additional Information: ID: 105; Tables regarding water usage.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89545
Title: Cashflow: A tiny Texas town takes on T. Boon Pickens--and tries to save its water
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :16 ,pg 12- 16
Subjects: Pickens T.Boone Arrington George Ogallala Aquifer Hemphill County Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (Canadian (Tex.) West Texas Region - Water rights Mesa Water
Additional Information: ID: 188; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89685
Title: City of dreams: The many strands of San Antonio's rich mestizo history--much of it vanished and vanishing--left me with a range of influences, from Bongo Joe to old man Brock
Authors: Santos,John Phillip
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :6 ,pg 120- 121
Subjects: Santos John Phillip San Antonio (Tex.)
Additional Information: ID: 300; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85361
Title: ...But seriously: Music icon Phil Collins discusses his notable Alamo collection
Authors: Rhodes,Andy
Source: The Medallion, 2010, 47 :9-10    
Subjects: Alamo (San Antonio Tex.) Collins Phil
Additional Information: ID: 142; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 90297
Title: Banking on the gift of life: Blood banks--an innovation in history and life
Authors: Wright,Rhiannon
Source: Texas Historian, 2010, 71 : ,pg 35- 37
Subjects: Fantus Bernard Drew Charles Blood banks - History Physick Philip Syng
Additional Information: ID: 500; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 90398
Title: Hollywood, TX: It's here. It's queer. The most unconventional romantic comedy you finally get to see this year
Authors: Kelly,Christopher
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :12 ,pg 62+-  
Subjects: I Love You Phillip Morris (Motion picture review) McVicker Steve
Additional Information: ID: 406; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 90153
Title: Book review: Hallucinogenic history (review of The Farthest Home Is in an Empire of Fire: A Tejano Elegy by John Phillip Santos)
Authors: Lozano,Vicente
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :14 ,pg 26-  
Subjects: Santos John Phillip
Additional Information: ID: 157; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89462
Title: Scholars or fans? (review of Texas Country Singers by Phil Fry and Jim Lee)
Authors: David,Jack H. Jr
Source: Texas Books in Review, 2009, 29 :3 ,pg 10-  
Subjects: Fry Phil Music-Books
Additional Information: ID: 962; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 84967
Title: Commentary: Causes of the crisis
Authors: Galbraith,James K.
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :9 ,pg 12- 13
Subjects: Gramm Phil Gramm Wendy Economic policy
Additional Information: ID: 1732; Remarks of James K. Galbraith at the Texas Lyceum, Austin, debate on April 3.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80615
Title: Bad bills: Honk if you love subtlety
Authors: Hamilton,Reeve
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :3 ,pg 21- 22
Subjects: Phillips Larry Automobile license plates - Law and legislation Abortion - Law and legislation
Additional Information: ID: 1975; H.B. 109.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80703
Title: Political intelligence: Always an Aggie - The Governor's cross-fertilization at A&M
Authors: Wheat,Andrew
Source: Texas Observer, 2009, 101 :10    
Subjects: Perry Rick Texas A&M University (College Station Tex.) Texas Emerging Technology Fund Introgen Therapeutics Inc Pitts Jim Adams Phil Davis Yvonne Texas Racing Commission
Additional Information: ID: 1749; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81717
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