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Title: Designing history
Authors: Smith,Gregory
Source: The Medallion, Winter 2012, 50 :3    
Subjects: African American artists Chase John S. Architects
Ref ID: 94972
Title: Posthumous projections (Review of Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture by Øyvind Vågnes)
Authors: Wright,James
Source: Texas Books in Review, Summer 2012, 32 :2 ,pg 7+-  
Subjects: United States - History - 1963 (Book review) Zapruder Abraham (Book review) Kennedy John F. (Book review) Motion pictures (Book review) Vågnes Øyvind
Ref ID: 94869
Title: A Texas Renaissance Man (review of Fight Stock: John S. "Rip" Ford of Texas by Richard B. McCaslin).
Authors: Heaberlin,Dick
Source: Texas Books in Review, Spring/Summer 2011, 31 :1 & 2    
Subjects: McCaslin Richard B/John S. "Rip" Ford
Ref ID: 92459
Title: Book reviews (revies of Karnes County by Catherine Johnson Passmore)
Authors: Dixon,Kemp
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 80- 96
Subjects: Passmore Catherine Johnson Karnes County (Tex.) -- History (Book review)
Ref ID: 94055
Title: John Frederick "Doc" McGregor: An urban photographer
Authors: Jones,Rebecca Lee
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 62- 77
Subjects: McGregor John Frederick "Doc" Photographers Corpus Christi (Tex.)--Pictorial works
Ref ID: 94063
Title: Book reviews (review of Fighting Stock: John S. "Rip" Ford of Texas by Richard B. McCaslin)
Authors: Selcer,Richard F.
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 80- 96
Subjects: McCaslin Richard B. Ford John Salmon "Rip" (Book review)
Ref ID: 94078
Title: Book reviews (review of Vengeance is Mine: The Scandalous Love Triangle that Triggered the Boyce-Sneed Feud by Bill Neal)
Authors: Yadon,Laurence J.
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 80- 96
Subjects: Neal Bill John Bill Snead -- Trials (Book review)
Ref ID: 94090
Title: Book reviews (review of Captain John R. Hughes: Lone Star Ranger by Chuck Parsons)
Authors: ORear,Mary Jo
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2011, 24 :1 ,pg 54- 63
Subjects: Parsons Chuck Texas Rangers (Book review) Hughes John R. (Bood review)
Ref ID: 91647
Title: News & notes: Newly discovered John B. Armstrong photographs
Authors: Parsons,Chuck
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2011, 24 :1 ,pg 50- 53
Subjects: Armstrong John B.--Photographs
Ref ID: 91648
Title: About the authors
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2011, 21 :1 ,pg 48-  
Subjects: Johnson Benjamin Heber Weber John Villanueva Miriam Elizabeth
Ref ID: 91619
Title: Political intelligence: Annals of juvenile justice - not quite fixed
Authors: Michels,Patrick
Source: Texas Observer, Sep-12, 104 :9    
Subjects: Juvenile detention homes - Law and legislation Texas Youth Commission Texas Juvenile Probation Commission Texas Juvenile Justice Department Whitmire John Madden Jerry
Ref ID: 94742
Title: Behind the lines: Big D-vide - The John Wiley Price corruption investigation has only begun, but it has already reopened the age-old rift in Dallas between north and south and white and black. Will things be different this time?
Authors: Sweany,Brian D.
Source: Texas Monthly, Sep-11, 39 :9 ,pg 12+-  
Subjects: Dallas (Tex.) - Race relations Price John Wiley Political corruption Nealy Kathy Fain Dapheny Watkins Craig Lipscomb Al Collins Carr P. Sr. Williams Shawn Hill Don Farrington Sheila Lee D'Angelo Hodge Terri
Additional Information: Inland Port project.
Ref ID: 92944
Title: Clone on the range: Can an Austin biotech firm radically change the world's food supply?
Authors: Del Bosque,Melissa
Source: Texas Observer, Sep-11, 103 :14 ,pg 8-13-  
Subjects: Cloning ViaGen (Austin Tex.) Food and Drug Administration Biotechnology Sperling John Russell Blake Hanson Jaydee Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc. Whole Foods Market
Ref ID: 92804
Title: Political intelligence: Dept. of king-making - Can John Wiley Price last?
Authors: Richardson,Susan Smith
Source: Texas Observer, Sep-11, 103 :14 ,pg 4-5-  
Subjects: Price John Wiley African American politicians
Ref ID: 92906
Title: Textra credit
Source: Texas Monthly, Sep-11, 39 :9 ,pg 64-  
Subjects: Neson David L. Schiffer Randolph B. Johnson Mary Patoski Joe Nick
Additional Information: David and Lee Roy by David L. Nelson and Randolph B. Schiffer; An Unquenchable Thirst by Mary Johnson; and Texas High School Football by Joe Nick Patoski.
Ref ID: 92718
Title: Books: Sacred mistrust - In this memoir of a Pentecostal childhood, religious zeal and illicit love nearly tear a family apart
Authors: Wood,Susan
Source: Texas Monthly, Oct-11, 39 :10 ,pg 64+-  
Subjects: Johnson Donna M. Pentecostalism (Book review)
Additional Information: Holy Ghost Girl by Donna M. Johnson.
Ref ID: 92972
Title: Hate on the inside: Thirteen years later, the prison-gang culture that sparked the dragging death of James Byrd is still with us
Authors: Mann,Dave;Reel,Jen
Source: Texas Observer, Oct-11, 103 :15 ,pg 20-23-  
Subjects: Byrd James Jasper (Tex.) - Murder Berry Shawn King John William "Bill" Brewer Lawrence Prisoners - Race relations
Ref ID: 92864
Title: Music: Six degrees of Will Johnson
Authors: Langer,Andy
Source: Texas Monthly, November 2012, 40 :11 ,pg 108- 114
Subjects: Musicians and singers Johnson Will
Additional Information: Profile of indie rock band Centro-Matic and its front man, Will Johnson.
Ref ID: 95182
Title: Cornyn: Senate losses cause for party to 'reflect'
Source: Texas Weekly, November 12, 2012, 29 :43    
Subjects: Republican Party Cornyn John
Ref ID: 94912
Title: Tyrant's foe: Fighting for schools at home and statewide
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, Nov-11, 103 :16    
Subjects: Folks John San Antonio (Tex.) - Schools Education - Finance
Additional Information: Northside Independent School District (San Antonio).
Ref ID: 92899
Title: Culture: Black like me? Black Like Me made Griffin an immediate expert and spokesman on race, with the support of civil rights stalwarts
Authors: Evans,Imani K.
Source: Texas Observer, Nov-11, 103 :16 ,pg 32-34-  
Subjects: Griffin John Howard Civil rights movements - United States
Ref ID: 92824
Title: Books: Black like him - Fifty years after it first electrified the nation, Dallas native John Howard Griffin's classic book still has somthing to tell us
Authors: Gordon-Reed,Annette
Source: Texas Monthly, Nov-11, 39 :11 ,pg 72+-  
Subjects: Griffin John Howard Race relations (Book review)
Additional Information: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin.
Ref ID: 92829
Title: The Hightower report: Paulson's plaintive plea
Authors: Hightower,Jim
Source: Texas Observer, Nov-11, 103 :16 ,pg 25-  
Subjects: Paulson John Rich people
Ref ID: 92835
Title: Direct quote: Drilling for water
Authors: Reel,Jen
Source: Texas Observer, Nov-11, 103 :16 ,pg 36-37-  
Subjects: Ebert John Wells Water-supply
Ref ID: 92905
Title: Downward dog
Authors: Swartz,Mimi
Source: Texas Monthly, May-12, 40 :5 ,pg 158- 161+
Subjects: Yoga Friend John Anusara
Additional Information: Houston-based John Friend and his Anusara-style Yoga empire, comes under attack amid allegations of sexual and financial improprieties.
Ref ID: 94349
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