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Title: Caregivers' epistemological beliefs in toddler programs
Authors: Berthelsen,Donna;Brownlee,Joanne;Boulton-Lewis,Gillian
Source: Early Child Development and Care, 2002, 172 :5 ,pg 503- 516
Subjects: epistemological beliefs knowing learning caregiving caregivers toddler care programs Child Care Workers Employee Attitudes Epistemology Child Care Knowledge Level
Additional Information: ID: 1753; ID: 459; ID: 1510; 11030-007. First Author & Affiliation: Berthelsen, Donna; Queensland U of Technology, Ctr for Applied Studies in Early Childhood, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Other Journal Title: Early Child Development and Care. Release Date: 2
Ref ID: 93782
Title: Construction and interpretation: Exploring a joint perspective on Piaget and Vygotsky
Authors: Brockmeier,Jens
Source: , 1996, : ,pg 125- 143
Subjects: Cognitive Development Piaget (Jean) Vygotsky (Lev) Epistemology Mind Theories Human epistemological approach to Piaget's & Vygotsky's theories on discursive & cultural psychology of human development of mind
Additional Information: ID: 4418; TA: Psychology: Professional & Research; FC: Print; LR: 19970101 (PsycINFO)
Ref ID: 93907
Viewing 1-2 of 2 Record(s)        

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