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Title: Maternal and Child Contributions to Cortisol Response to Emotional Arousal in Young Children from Low-Income, Rural Communities
Authors: Blair,Clancy;Granger,Douglas A.;Kivlighan,Katie T.;Mills-Koonce,Roger;Willoughby,Michael;Greenberg,Mark T.;Hibel,Leah C.;Fortunato,Christine K.
Source: Developmental psychology, 2008, 44 :4 ,pg 1095- 1109
Subjects: Parent Child Relationship Mothers Toddlers Infants Cognitive Development Emotional Response Low Income Rural Areas Family Income Personality Attention Biochemistry African Americans Metabolism Stress Variables
Additional Information: ID: 3563
Ref ID: 93819
Title: An Investigation of Classroom Situational Dimensions of Emotional and Behavioral Adjustment and Cognitive and Social Outcomes for Head Start Children
Authors: Bulotsky-Shearer,Rebecca J.;Fantuzzo,John W.;McDermott,Paul A.
Source: Developmental psychology, 2008, 44 :1 ,pg 139- 154
Subjects: Behavior Problems Disadvantaged Youth Interaction Early Intervention Preschool Children Classroom Environment Student Adjustment Interpersonal Relationship Cognitive Ability Emotional Response Gender Differences Age Differences Correlation Urban Education
Additional Information: ID: 5426; LV: Preschool Education
Ref ID: 93960
Title: Infants' interactions with professional caregivers at 3 and 6 months of age: A longitudinal study
Authors: Albers,Esther M.;Riksen-Walraven,J. Marianne;de Weerth,Carolina
Source: Infant Behavior & Development, 2007, 30 :4 ,pg 631- 640
Subjects: Caregivers Child Care Emotional Responses Infant Development Interpersonal Interaction Day Care Centers Human Male Female Netherlands caregiver infant interaction professional caregivers negative emotionality child care centers Emotional Availability Scal
Additional Information: ID: 5611; FC: Electronic; ME: Empirical Study; Longitudinal Study; Quantitative Study; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Infancy (2-23 mo); Adulthood (18 yrs & older); GI: This study was supported by a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Re
Ref ID: 93606
Title: The Invisible Bonds: Does the Secure Base Script of Attachment Influence Children's Attention toward Their Mother?
Authors: Bosmans,Guy;De Raedt,Rudi;Braet,Caroline
Source: Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 2007, 36 :4 ,pg 557- 567
Subjects: Cues Mothers Females Attachment Behavior Parent Child Relationship Hypothesis Testing Emotional Response Attention Span Elementary School Students Foreign Countries Grade 5 Grade 6 Psychopathology Belgium
Additional Information: ID: 3606; LV: Elementary Education; Grade 5; Grade 6
Ref ID: 93853
Title: Child Care Teachers' Response to Children's Emotional Expression
Authors: Ahn,Hey Jun;Stifter,Cynthia
Source: Early Education and Development, 2006, 17 :2 ,pg 253- 270
Subjects: child care teachers response childrens emotional expression emotional competence teacher intervention training program preschool teachers Emotional Responses Emotionality (Personality) Teacher Characteristics Intervention Personnel Training Professional C
Additional Information: ID: 1674; ID: 661; ID: 797; 06160-003. First Author & Affiliation: Ahn, Hey Jun; Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, US. Release Date: 20060626. Publication Type: Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal. Medi
Ref ID: 93593
Title: Heterogeneity of joy in infancy
Authors: Aksan,Nazan;Kochanska,Grazyna
Source: Infancy, 2004, 6 :1 ,pg 79- 94
Subjects: infancy infants joy social interaction parent infant interaction Emotional Responses Happiness Infant Development Interpersonal Interaction Parent Child Relations
Additional Information: ID: 1681; ID: 437; ID: 1546; 19111-004. First Author & Affiliation: Aksan, Nazan; The University of Iowa, Department of Psychology, Iowa City, IA, US. Other Journal Title: Infancy. Release Date: 20041012. Publication Type: Journal (0100) Peer Reviewed Jou
Ref ID: 93601
Title: Infants' responses to frustrating situations: Continuity and change in reactivity and regulation
Authors: Braungart-Rieker,Julia M.;Stifter,Cynthia A.
Source: Child Dev., 1996, 67 :4 ,pg 1767- 1779
Subjects: continuity & stability & change in reactivity & regulation during frustrating situation male 5 mo olds longitudinal study Emotional Control Emotional Responses Frustration Longitudinal Studies
Additional Information: ID: 1790; ID: 680; ID: 803; The authors use Rothbart and Derryberry 1981 as their theoretical model - "that infant temperament involves variations in reactivity and regulation. Reactivity refers to an individual's somatic, endocrine, and autonomic reactio
Ref ID: 93882
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