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Title: Feeding challenges in young children: Toward a best practices model
Authors: Bruns,Deborah A.;Thompson,Stacy D.
Source: Infants & Young Children, 2010, 23 :2 ,pg 93- 102
Subjects: Early Childhood Development Eating Behavior Nutrition Feeding Disorders Food Human feeding challenges young children best practices model food refusal nutritional needs
Additional Information: ID: 5555; FC: Electronic; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); LR: 20100503 (PsycINFO)
Ref ID: 93953
Title: Quality early education--quality food and nutrition practices? Some initial results from a pilot research project into food and nutrition practices in early years settings in Kent, UK
Authors: Alderton,Tony;Campbell-Barr,Verity
Source: International Journal of Early Years Education, 2005, 13 :3 ,pg 197- 213
Subjects: Early Childhood Development Health Behavior Nutrition Eating Behavior Educational Personnel Human United Kingdom early education quality food practices nutrition practices practitioners children's diet health attainment educational attainment
Additional Information: ID: 5571; FC: Electronic; LR: 20060103 (PsycINFO) RX: 1 (on Jul 29, 2010)
Ref ID: 93609
Viewing 1-2 of 2 Record(s)        

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