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Title: Forrest for the trees: Pray for brains
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, Sep-11, 103 :14 ,pg 44-  
Subjects: Droughts Global warming Perry Rick Water-supply
Ref ID: 92960
Title: Texas drought woes prompt talk of water session
Source: Texas Weekly, October 1, 2012, 29 :37    
Subjects: Droughts Water conservation
Ref ID: 94902
Title: Hot dry endless...As the countryside burns, cities search for water and cattle starve, Texas endures one of its worst droughts
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, Oct-11, 103 :15 ,pg 8-15-  
Subjects: Droughts Reservoirs Wildfires Tullos Bill Midland (Tex.) - Water-supply Robert Lee (Tex.) - Water-supply
Additional Information: Photographs by Jen Reel.
Ref ID: 92961
Title: Where's the beauty in drought?
Authors: Lohrmann,Charles J.
Source: Texas Highways, Oct-11, 58 :10    
Subjects: Droughts
Additional Information: The drought of 2011
Ref ID: 92251
Title: Editor's letter: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
Authors: Silverstein,Jake
Source: Texas Monthly, Nov-11, 39 :11 ,pg 32-  
Subjects: University of Texas at Austin (Austin Tex.) - Football Texas A&M University (College Station Tex.) - Football Droughts Perry Rick Hispanic Americans
Ref ID: 92933
Title: Water for power: Hot, dry summer affects electricity markets
Authors: Wellborn,Brian
Source: Fiscal Notes, May-12, : ,pg Online-  
Subjects: Power resources Electric utilities - Costs Droughts - Economic aspects Water conservation
Ref ID: 94852
Title: Editor's letter: Dry, the beloved country
Authors: Silverstein,Jake
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 24-  
Subjects: Droughts Water supply
Ref ID: 94816
Title: Life by the drop
Authors: Silverstein,Jake
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 100- 101
Subjects: Droughts - Texas Water supply - Texas
Additional Information: Introduction to the articles that follow concerning water, drought and the future of Texas.
Ref ID: 94817
Title: When the sky ran dry
Authors: Burnett,John
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 106- 115+
Subjects: Droughts - Economic aspects - Personal narratives Droughts - History - Personal narratives Ranchers
Additional Information: An oral history recounting the experiences of several ranchers on the big drought of the 1950's.
Ref ID: 94611
Title: The writing on the wall
Authors: Hodge,Roger D.
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 102- 105+
Subjects: Rock paintings - West Texas Pecos River Valley (Tex.) - Prehistoric art Droughts - History Archaeology - Pecos County
Ref ID: 94679
Title: Between Hell and Texas
Authors: Salamon,Jeff
Source: Texas Monthly, Jul-12, 40 :7 ,pg 116- 125
Subjects: Droughts - Photographs
Ref ID: 94794
Title: Beyond a reasonable drought
Authors: Outlaw,Joe;Gilliland,Charles E.
Source: Tierra Grande, Jan-12, 19 :1 ,pg 14- 15
Subjects: Droughts - Economic aspects Agriculture - Economic aspects
Ref ID: 93295
Title: The time it never rained
Authors: Cox,Mike
Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife, Jan-12, 70 :1 ,pg 48- 49-50
Subjects: Kelton Elmer Droughts - Book reviews
Additional Information: Review of The Time it Never Rained
Ref ID: 93156
Title: Trial by fire: This year will be remembered for a terrifying series of wildfires that ravaged almost every corner of the state, from Bastrop County to Possum Kingdom, from Amarillo to the Mexican border. All told, the flames torched nearly three million a
Authors: Breal,Jordan;Hall,Michael;Salamon,Jeff;Spong,John;Sweaney,Brian D.;Vin,Katy
Source: Texas Monthly, Dec-11, 39 :12 ,pg 134-147+-  
Subjects: Droughts Wildfires
Additional Information: Fires (as told by): The Rockhouse Fire (Bobby McKnight); The Possum Kingdom Complex Fire (Jackie Fewell); The Cooper Mountain Ranch Fire (J. A. Robinson); The Deaton Cole Fire (Chad Schafer); The Angelina River Bottom Fire (Dana Day); The Bastrop County C
Ref ID: 92782
Title: Eye on Texas: Dry season: The Texas drought of 2011
Authors: Jamer,Jay
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 45-  
Subjects: Droughts - Photographs
Ref ID: 92839
Title: A grain of doubt
Authors: Galbraith,Kate
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-12, 40 :4 ,pg 80- 86
Subjects: Droughts - Economic aspects Water supply Water rights Rice farmers Lower Colorado River Authority
Additional Information: Efforts by the Lower Colorado River Authority to mediate the water rights dispute, severely affected by the drought of 2011, between coastal rice farmers and inhabitants of hill country towns and cities.
Ref ID: 94203
Title: Water planning in dry times: New water plan proposes solutions
Authors: McLaughlin,Laure
Source: Fiscal Notes, Apr-12, : ,pg Online-  
Subjects: Water supply Water conservation Texas Water Development Board - Publications Droughts
Additional Information: The State Water Plan (SWP) released in January of 2012 has a plan consisting of conservation methods, water projects and other steps for dealing with anticipated water shortages in coming decades.
Ref ID: 94741
Title: Political intelligence: Underwater Texas - From the depths
Authors: Green,Robert
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :12    
Subjects: Droughts Austin (Tex.) - Lakes - Archaeology
Additional Information: ID: 100; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89388
Title: Bring the rain, please: Is Texas' worst drought in 50 years ending?
Authors: Shields,Clint
Source: Fiscal Notes, 2009, :    
Subjects: Droughts
Additional Information: ID: 2367; Graph: 1- Gross sales, Nursery and garden centers; 2- Outdoor power equipment.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81473
Title: Economic review and outlook: State banking system of Texas
Source: Conditions of the Texas State Banking System, 2009, :    
Subjects: Banks and banking Employment Droughts
Additional Information: ID: 229; Maps: Texas dry spell (drought severity classification); Unemployment rate (U.S., August 2009). Table: Texas state banks acquiring the assets of failed banks. List: Supervisory measures being taken.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 79293
Title: Drought in the heart of Texas, 1854-1865
Authors: Sweeney,Kevin
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2008, 84 : ,pg 58- 73
Subjects: Droughts Frontier and pioneer life West Texas Region - History
Additional Information: ID: 264; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81618
Title: Book review (review of The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan)
Authors: Green,Donald E.
Source: Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, 2008, 80 : ,pg 71- 78
Subjects: Egan Timothy Droughts -- Great Plains -- History (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 610; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89386
Title: When the rain ends
Authors: Hodge,Larry D.
Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife, 2008, 66 :2 ,pg 36- 41
Subjects: Droughts Water conservation
Additional Information: ID: 8250; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 47561
Title: The Texas mohair industry and the seven year drought of the 1950's
Authors: Caraway,John
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 2008, 84 : ,pg 74- 84
Subjects: Mohair industry Droughts Texas - History
Additional Information: ID: 265; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80380
Title: Reading the rings
Authors: Votteler,Todd
Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife, 2007, 65 :03 ,pg 15-  
Subjects: Trees Droughts
Additional Information: ID: 5956; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 50641
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