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Title: Helping young children follow their teachers' directions: The utility of high probability command sequences in pre-K and kindergarten classrooms
Authors: Austin,Jennifer L.;Agar,Graydon
Source: Education and Treatment of Children, 2005, 28 :3 ,pg 222- 236
Subjects: Classroom Management Compliance Kindergartens Probability Teachers Academic Achievement Preschool Education Students Human Male Female teachers' directions preschool & kindergarten classrooms high probability command sequence student compliance
Additional Information: ID: 5490; FC: Print; ME: Empirical Study; Quantitative Study; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Preschool Age (2-5 yrs); LR: 20060103 (PsycINFO) RX: 2 (on May 02, 2010)
Ref ID: 93665
Title: Early child care and self-control, compliance, and problem behavior at twenty-four and thirty-six months
Source: Child Dev., 1998, 69 :4 ,pg 1145- 1170
Subjects: child care self control & compliance & problem behavior children assessed at ages 24 & 36 mo Behavior Problems Child Care Compliance Self Control
Additional Information: ID: 1661; ID: 387; ID: 87; 05518-017. Institutional Authors: NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, Public Information & Communication Branch. Release Date: 19990801. Publication Type: Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal. Language: English. Major Descriptor(
Ref ID: 93562
Viewing 1-2 of 2 Record(s)        

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