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Title: Training from within: Georgetown Utilities builds a team for the future
Authors: MacCrossan,Gerard
Source: Texas Rising, Winter 2012, : ,pg 10- 12
Subjects: Public utilities Austin Community College (Austin Tex.)
Additional Information: The lineworker program at ACC offers students a certificate and associate degree and prepares them for work at public utilities.
Ref ID: 94719
Title: SBDC supports entrepreneurs
Authors: Wellborn,Brian
Source: Texas Rising, Winter 2012, : ,pg 18-  
Subjects: Economic development Tyler Community College. Small Business Development Center (Tyler Tex.) Small business - Development
Ref ID: 94850
Title: Community engagement tool for educators
Authors: Rodriguez,Rosana G.;Garcia,Juanita C.;Villarreal,Abelardo
Source: IDRA Newsletter, Sep-11, 38 :08    
Subjects: Education - Parent participation Community and school Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA)
Ref ID: 91789
Title: Letter from Highland Park: Neighborhood association - My kids have grown up, and my old friends have moved away. But what I miss most about our block is the sense of community I used to take for granted
Authors: Mackintosh,Prudence
Source: Texas Monthly, Oct-11, 39 :10 ,pg 84+-  
Subjects: Highland Park (Tex.) Community
Ref ID: 92854
Title: Employers for Education Excellence Award applications due May 31
Source: Texas Lone Star, May-12, 30 :04 ,pg 30-  
Subjects: Volunteers in education - Awards Community and school
Ref ID: 93372
Title: Describing the first-year experience for first-time-in-college students at a major community college
Authors: Cortez,Josie D.;Cortez,Albert
Source: IDRA Newsletter, May-12, 39 :05    
Subjects: First-generation college students Community college students Academic achievement
Ref ID: 93412
Title: Defining a schoolwide college-readiness culture for all students: An interview with Roland Toscano, M.S., Principal at East Central High School in San Antonio
Source: IDRA Newsletter, May-11, 38 :05   2+
Subjects: College-school cooperation Education - Parent participation Community and school
Additional Information: An interview by Nilka Aviles.
Ref ID: 91019
Title: Political intelligence: Heads down, price up
Authors: DePrang,Emily
Source: Texas Observer, Mar-12, 104 :3    
Subjects: Prisons - Privatization Community Education Centers Liberty County - Corrections
Additional Information: The financial impact to Liberty County of the for-profit company, Community Education Centers, managing the county jail.
Ref ID: 93238
Title: Heritage of abuse
Authors: Hannaford,Alex
Source: Texas Observer, Mar-12, 104 :3 ,pg 20- 25
Subjects: Child abuse Religious communities Homestead Heritage (Religious community)
Ref ID: 93253
Title: Direct quote: Putting women first
Authors: Sachetta,Ryan
Source: Texas Observer, Mar-12, 104 :3 ,pg 32- 33
Subjects: San Antonio (Tex.) - Community centers Women - Health and hygiene Martinez Street Women's Center
Additional Information: Conversation with Becca Najera, Assistant Director of the Martinez Street Women's Center, an advocacy center for women's wellness.
Ref ID: 93310
Title: Expanding school governance through participatory community engagement
Authors: Villarreal,Abelardo;Rodriguez,Rosana G.
Source: IDRA Newsletter, Mar-11, 38 :3    
Subjects: Community and school Education--Parent participation
Ref ID: 90739
Title: Valentine's special day: Oldest school still in use marks 100 years of existence
Authors: Schreiber,Colleen
Source: Texas Lone Star, Mar-11, 29 :2 ,pg 11- 13
Subjects: School buildings Community and school
Ref ID: 90713
Title: Communities, school boards and education policy
Authors: Cortez,Albert
Source: IDRA Newsletter, June-July 2012, 39 :06    
Subjects: Community and school Parents' and teachers' associations
Ref ID: 93411
Title: Postcards: Saving the mint
Authors: Elbein,Saul
Source: Texas Observer, Jul-12, 104 :7 ,pg 32- 35
Subjects: Houston (Tex.) - Community development Alief (Tex.) - Community development Garcia Francisco Texans Together Swafford Priscilla
Additional Information: Profile of Francisco "Frank" Garcia of Texans Together and his efforts to create a community center in the Mint apartments in Alief (Tex.), generally considered to be one of the most crime-ridden apartment buildings in the Houston area.
Ref ID: 94645
Title: Texas first-time homebuyer program
Authors: Hunt,Harold D.
Source: Tierra Grande, Jul-12, 19 :3 ,pg 24- 25
Subjects: Home ownership House buying Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Additional Information: Facts about Texas' First-Time Homebuyer Program administered through the TDHCA.
Ref ID: 94684
Title: Come as you are
Authors: Reel,Jen
Source: Texas Observer, Jul-12, 104 :7 ,pg 16- 21
Subjects: Gay couples - Austin (Tex.) Austin (Tex.) - Churches - Photographs The Metropolitan Community Church of Austin Homosexuality and religion
Additional Information: Photo essay on the Metropolitan Community Church of Austin which, since it opened its doors in 1968 as a place of worship for the LGBTQ community, has trumpeted the message of radical inclusion.
Ref ID: 94779
Title: Tyrant's foe: Helping neighborhoods organize themselves
Authors: Richardson,Susan Smith
Source: Texas Observer, Jul-12, 104 :7    
Subjects: Cox Charhonda Texans Together Houston (Tex.) - Community development Community Organization
Additional Information: Profile of Houston community organizer, Charhonda Cox.
Ref ID: 94784
Title: A meaningful alliance: Walsh Anderson announced as initial partner in unique TASB program
Source: Texas Lone Star, January/February 2012, 30 :01 ,pg 26-  
Subjects: Corporate sponsorship Community and school Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)
Additional Information: TASB Partners.
Ref ID: 93037
Title: One plus one equals infinity: School district-city partnership produces powerful synergy in Navasota
Authors: White,Roger
Source: Texas Lone Star, January/February 2012, 30 :01 ,pg 17- 18
Subjects: Community and school Open Meetings Act
Ref ID: 93078
Title: From cynics to supporters: Richardson's RSRS group turns district detractors into defenders
Authors: White,Roger
Source: Texas Lone Star, January/February 2012, 30 :01 ,pg 20- 23
Subjects: Real estate agents Community and school Multicultural education
Additional Information: Realtors Supporting Richardson Schools (RSRS).
Ref ID: 93079
Title: The 'place' of school: Boards must determine the nature of 'school' in a rapidly changing world
Authors: Nemir,Bill
Source: Texas Lone Star, January/February 2011, 29 :1 ,pg 26- 28
Subjects: Educational technology School facilities--Extended use Community and school
Ref ID: 90669
Title: School principal discusses the dramatic transformation of his school: An interview with Dr. Lucious Brown
Source: IDRA Newsletter, Jan-11, 38 :1    
Subjects: School principals Community and school Teacher effectiveness
Ref ID: 90473
Title: Framing the context for fruitful cross-race community dialogues to strengthen local education
Authors: Rodriguez,Rosana G.
Source: IDRA Newsletter, Feb-11, 38 :2    
Subjects: Community and school Race relations Educational equalization
Ref ID: 90704
Title: Helping hands: JET equipment grants improve workforce training statewide
Authors: Lamphere,Tracey
Source: Texas Rising, Fall 2012, : ,pg 11- 12
Subjects: Occupational training Community colleges Technical education
Additional Information: 44 Texas technical schools and community colleges are taking advantage of the 2009 legislation, Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) to win grants allowing for purchase of equipment for new and/or expanded programs.
Ref ID: 94707
Title: Obama's job plans for Texas
Authors: Robison,Clay
Source: Advocate, Fall 2011, 31 :01    
Subjects: Teachers - Employment Community colleges - Finance Education - Finance - Law and legislation
Ref ID: 92432
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