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Title: Psychobiological mechanisms of cognitionΓÇöemotion integration in early development
Authors: Bell,Martha Ann;Greene,Denise R.;Wolfe,Christy D.
Source: , 2010, : ,pg 115- 132
Subjects: Attention Cognitive Development Early Childhood Development Emotional Development Personality Emotional Control Neurophysiology Personality Development Psychobiology Cognitive Control Executive Function Human cognition-emotion integration psychobiological
Additional Information: ID: 3489; TA: Psychology: Professional & Research; FC: Print; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Preschool Age (2-5 yrs); School Age (6-12 yrs); GI: Preparation of this chapter was supported in part by National Institutes of Health Grant HD 49878 to Martha Ann
Ref ID: 93754
Title: Persistence in the Face of Academic Challenge for Economically Disadvantaged Children
Authors: Brown,Eleanor D.
Source: Journal of Early Childhood Research, 2009, 7 :2 ,pg 173- 184
Subjects: Intelligence Poverty Persistence Economically Disadvantaged Disadvantaged Youth Achievement Gap Academic Achievement Caregivers At Risk Students Preschool Children Early Intervention Interviews Attention Span African American Students Hispanic American St
Additional Information: ID: 3522; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93931
Title: Teaching the Moving Child: OT Insights That Will Transform Your K-3 Classroom
Authors: Berkey,Sybil M.
Source: , 2009, : ,pg Brookes Publishing Company; 208p-  
Subjects: Occupational Therapy Primary Education Psychomotor Skills Writing Skills Play Anxiety Attention Perceptual Motor Learning Perceptual Impairments Classroom Environment Educational Cooperation Handwriting Sensory Integration Spelling Object Manipulation Mot
Additional Information: ID: 3528; TA: Teachers; LV: Early Childhood Education; Primary Education
Ref ID: 93779
Title: Attachment and selective attention: Disorganization and emotional Stroop reaction time
Authors: Atkinson,Leslie;Leung,Eman;Goldberg,Susan;Benoit,Diane;Poulton,Lori;Myhal,Natalie;Blokland,Kirsten;Kerr,Sheila
Source: Development and psychopathology, 2009, 21 :1 ,pg 99- 126
Subjects: Attachment Behavior Pregnancy Reaction Time Selective Attention Stroop Effect Emotions Motivation Postnatal Period Human Male Female Canada attachment organized mothers disorganized mothers emotional Stroop reaction time mothers emotional arousal postpart
Additional Information: ID: 3520; FC: Print; ME: Empirical Study; Quantitative Study; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Infancy (2-23 mo); Adulthood (18 yrs & older); GI: This work was supported by funds from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to Leslie At
Ref ID: 93662
Title: Influence of the Visual Attention Span on Child Reading Performance: A Cross-Sectional Study
Authors: Bosse,Marie-Line;Valdois,Sylviane
Source: Journal of Research in Reading, 2009, 32 :2 ,pg 230- 253
Subjects: Reading Difficulties Attention Span Phonemes Dyslexia Attention Program Effectiveness Grade 3 Literacy Reading Skills Grade 1 Grade 5 Child Development
Additional Information: ID: 5728; LV: Elementary Education; Grade 1; Grade 3; Grade 5
Ref ID: 93854
Title: 10 ways to increase classroom participation
Authors: de Frondeville,Tristan
Source: Advocate, 2009, 29 :2    
Subjects: Participation Attention in children Classroom management
Additional Information: ID: 728; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80506
Title: Parental Scaffolding and the Development of Executive Function
Authors: Bibok,Maximilian B.;Carpendale,Jeremy I. M.;Muller,Ulrich
Source: New directions for child and adolescent development, 2009, :123 ,pg 17- 34
Subjects: Cognitive Development Preschool Children Foreign Countries Scaffolding (Teaching Technique) Parents Child Development Attention Cognitive Processes British Columbia (Vancouver)
Additional Information: ID: 3506
Ref ID: 93788
Title: Socioemotional factors in the development of joint attention in human and ape infants
Authors: Bard,Kim A.;Leavens,David A.
Source: , 2009, : ,pg 89- 104
Subjects: Animal Development Attention Emotions Infant Development Psychosocial Factors Animal Emotionality Animal Social Behavior Comparative Psychology Primates (Nonhuman) Human Animal humans infants socioemotional factors joint attention apes development
Additional Information: ID: 2945; TA: Psychology: Professional & Research; FC: Print; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Infancy (2-23 mo); GI: The writing of this chapter was partially supported by a grant funded by the European Commission under contract FP6 IST-045169, entitled "FE
Ref ID: 93702
Title: Attention, balance and coordination: The A.B.C. of learning success.
Authors: Blythe,Sally Goddard
Source: , 2009, : ,pg xx, 420- xx, 420
Subjects: 3253 Learning Disorders 3570 Special & Remedial Education Attention 667 772 1720 Equilibrium 2697 4322 2226 Motor Coordination 4956 4964 Physiological Psychology 5955 6402 842 7430 7012 Behavior Problems 831 Behavior 825 Childhood Development 1310 3652 21
Additional Information: ID: 6191; Source type: books; Object type: Book; Object type: Reference Document; CSAUnique: PSIN-2009-08422-000; AccNum: 2009-08422-000; DocISBN: 9780470516232; DocISBN: 9780470740989
Ref ID: 93829
Title: Attention, balance and coordination: The A.B.C. of learning success
Authors: Blythe,Sally Goddard;Beuret,Lawrence J. (Col);Blythe,Peter (Col)
Source: , 2009, : ,pg xx-  
Subjects: Attention Equilibrium Learning Disorders Motor Coordination Physiological Psychology Behavior Problems Behavior Childhood Development Learning Motor Development Reflexes Human balance coordination early reflexes child development INPP method behavioral pr
Additional Information: ID: 3523; 2009; TB: (Abbreviated) About the author Contributors Preface Acknowledgements Windows on the brain The significance of primitive and postural reflexes Primitive reflexes of position Primitive tactile reflexes Postural reflexes Use of the INPP S
Ref ID: 93830
Title: Family-Peer Linkages: The Mediational Role of Attentional Processes
Source: Social Development, 2009, 18 :4 ,pg 875- 895
Subjects: Parent Child Relationship Grade 1 Grade 3 Role Attention Control Interpersonal Competence Peer Relationship Prediction Social Development Theories Child Development
Additional Information: ID: 3495; LV: Elementary Education; Grade 1; Grade 3
Ref ID: 93529
Title: Positive attention
Authors: Boggs,Stephen R.;Eyberg,Sheila M.
Source: , 2008, : ,pg 396- 401
Subjects: Attention Behavior Therapy Child Psychology Reinforcement Behavioral Assessment Feedback Praise Psychotherapeutic Techniques Human positive attention technique child behavior therapy positive social feedback
Additional Information: ID: 3596; TA: Psychology: Professional & Research; FC: Print; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); LR: 20100104 (PsycINFO) RX: 1 (on Feb 17, 2010)
Ref ID: 93836
Title: Taking Stock as Theories of Word Learning Take Shape
Authors: Booth,Amy E.;Waxman,Sandra R.
Source: Developmental Science, 2008, 11 :2 ,pg 185- 194
Subjects: Language Acquisition Concept Formation Learning Theories Bias Cognitive Processes Attention Developmental Stages Child Development Perceptual Development Influences Vocabulary Development
Additional Information: ID: 3577
Ref ID: 93843
Title: Maternal and Child Contributions to Cortisol Response to Emotional Arousal in Young Children from Low-Income, Rural Communities
Authors: Blair,Clancy;Granger,Douglas A.;Kivlighan,Katie T.;Mills-Koonce,Roger;Willoughby,Michael;Greenberg,Mark T.;Hibel,Leah C.;Fortunato,Christine K.
Source: Developmental psychology, 2008, 44 :4 ,pg 1095- 1109
Subjects: Parent Child Relationship Mothers Toddlers Infants Cognitive Development Emotional Response Low Income Rural Areas Family Income Personality Attention Biochemistry African Americans Metabolism Stress Variables
Additional Information: ID: 3563
Ref ID: 93819
Title: Infants' Attention and Responsiveness to Television Increases with Prior Exposure and Parental Interaction
Authors: Barr,Rachel;Zack,Elizabeth;Garcia,Amaya;Muentener,Paul
Source: Infancy, 2008, 13 :1 ,pg 30- 56
Subjects: Infants Interaction Program Content Multivariate Analysis Television Viewing Attention Span Parent Child Relationship Reaction Time Verbal Communication Parenting Styles Interpersonal Communication Parent Influence Social Influences Time
Additional Information: ID: 3587
Ref ID: 93711
Title: Infants Prefer Motionese to Adult-Directed Action
Authors: Brand,Rebecca J.;Shallcross,Wendy L.
Source: Developmental Science, 2008, 11 :6 ,pg 853- 861
Subjects: Infants Motion Visual Aids Action Research Age Differences Attention Human Body Learning Processes Cognitive Processes Child Development
Additional Information: ID: 3547; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93876
Title: Headed in the Right Direction: A Commentary on Yoshida and Smith
Authors: Aslin,Richard N.
Source: Infancy, 2008, 13 :3 ,pg 275- 278
Subjects: Photography Cues Eye Movements Attention Observational Learning Infants Videotape Recorders Human Body Child Development Visual Stimuli
Additional Information: ID: 3569
Ref ID: 93655
Title: On why joint attention might look atypical in autism: A case for a strong policy statement but more nuanced empirical story
Authors: Burack,Jacob A.;Russo,Natalie
Source: Child Development Perspectives, 2008, 2 :1 ,pg 46- 48
Subjects: Attention Autism Eye Fixation Pediatrics Human joint attention gazing children
Additional Information: ID: 2929; FC: Print; LR: 20090504 (PsycINFO) RX: 1 (on Sep 25, 2009)
Ref ID: 93963
Title: The Link between Infant Attention to Goal-Directed Action and Later Theory of Mind Abilities
Authors: Aschersleben,Gisa;Hofer,Tanja;Jovanovic,Bianca
Source: Developmental Science, 2008, 11 :6 ,pg 862- 868
Subjects: Infants Cognitive Development Theories Task Analysis Attention Models Objectives Correlation Action Research Child Development Beliefs
Additional Information: ID: 3549; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 93651
Title: Early attention and literacy experiences predict adaptive communication
Authors: Arterberry,Martha E.;Midgett,Corina;Putnick,Diane L.;Bornstein,Marc H.
Source: First Language, 2007, 27 :2 ,pg 175- 189
Subjects: Attention Demographic Characteristics Language Development Literacy Sociocultural Factors Cognitive Processes Communication Habituation Mothers Reading Social Adjustment Human Male Female US early attention literacy experiences adaptive communication soci
Additional Information: ID: 7; ME: Empirical Study; Quantitative Study; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Preschool Age (2-5 yrs); NR: 55 reference(s) present, 55 reference(s) displayed; LR: 20070514
Ref ID: 93649
Title: ADHD: Leave the diagnosis to the doctor
Source: Texas Child Care, 2007, 31 :3 ,pg 24- 29
Subjects: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Hyperactive children
Additional Information: ID: 7709; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44137
Title: Effects of Professional Development Training on Joint Attention Engagement in Low-Quality Childcare Centers
Authors: Cain,David W.;Rudd,Loretta C.;Saxon,Terrill F.
Source: Early Child Development and Care, 2007, 177 :2 ,pg 159- 185
Subjects: Interpersonal Competence Child Caregivers Attention Toddlers Caregiver Training Caregiver Child Relationship Educational Quality Child Care Centers Professional Development Control Groups ERIC
Additional Information: ID: 4269; Includes 63 bibliographical references; PD: Bibliography
Ref ID: 94002
Title: Effects of Professional Development Training on Joint Attention Engagement in Low-Quality Childcare Centers
Authors: Cain,David W.;Rudd,Loretta C.;Saxon,Terrill F.
Source: Early Child Development and Care, 2007, 177 :2 ,pg 159- 185
Subjects: Attention Interpersonal Competence Toddlers Child Care Centers Child Caregivers Professional Development Caregiver Training Educational Quality Caregiver Child Relationship Control Groups Texas Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale
Additional Information: ID: 4488; LV: Early Childhood Education
Ref ID: 94003
Title: Social Cognition and Social Responsiveness in 10-Month-Old Infants
Authors: Brune,Camille W.;Woodward,Amanda L.
Source: Journal of Cognition and Development, 2007, 8 :2 ,pg 133- 158
Subjects: Infants Social Cognition Habituation Intention Interpersonal Competence Responses Visual Stimuli Visual Discrimination Parent Child Relationship Play Attention Eye Movements Child Development Interpersonal Relationship
Additional Information: ID: 3624
Ref ID: 93944
Title: Guest editorial: Indicators of children's well being: Theory, types and usage
Authors: Ben-Arieh,A.;Fr├╕nes,I.
Source: Social Indicators Research, 2007, 83 :1    
Subjects: Social Behavior Society Well Being Attention Childhood Development Human indicators children well being theory social indicators
Additional Information: ID: 3617; FC: Electronic; LR: 20090824 (PsycINFO)
Ref ID: 93768
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