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Title: Cold-blooded, medium rare (Review of "Stick a Fork in It" by Robin Allen)
Authors: Thompson,Herb
Source: Texas Books in Review, Summer 2012, 32 :2 ,pg 15-  
Subjects: Fiction (Book review) Austin (Tex.) - Restaurants - Fiction (Book review) Allen Robin
Ref ID: 94835
Title: Thinking again: 'I touch the future. I teach'
Authors: Henley,Paul
Source: Advocate, Spring 2011, 30 :3    
Subjects: McAuliffe Christa Science teachers Challenger (Spacecraft)--Accidents
Ref ID: 90611
Title: Postcards: McAllen - Party time in McAllen - People from the Rio Grande Valley and Mexico head to 17th Street, an entertainment district in downtown McAllen, to have a good time
Authors: Ontiveros,Roberto
Source: Texas Observer, Oct-11, 103 :15 ,pg 28-30-  
Subjects: Border Region McAllen (Tex.) - Central business districts Rodriguez Joe Guerra Isaac
Ref ID: 92887
Title: The picture show: Desconstructing Allen
Authors: Rosenblatt,Josh
Source: Texas Observer, Mar-12, 104 :3 ,pg 39-  
Subjects: Screenwriters McGrath Douglas Allen Woody Austin (Tex.) - Film industry Austin Film Society Texas Film Hall of Fame
Additional Information: McGrath, screenwriter for Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway (1994) inducted into the Austin Film Society's Texas Film Hall of Fame.
Ref ID: 93307
Title: Hecho en Brownsville
Authors: Casares,Oscar
Source: Texas Monthly, Aug-12, 40 :8 ,pg 66- 71+
Subjects: McAllen (Tex.) - Grocery trade H. E. Butt Grocery Company Authors - Personal narratives Casares Oscar
Additional Information: Local short story writer Oscar Casares reads from his stories set in Brownsville during the grand opening of a new McAllen (Tex.) H.E.B.
Ref ID: 94618
Title: Capital watch: New session, new faces
Authors: Gonzalez,Dan
Source: Texas Lone Star, Aug-12, 30 :7 ,pg 23- 24
Subjects: Primaries - Texas Texas Legislature - Elections Texas State Board of Education - Elections Texas Legislature. House of Representatives - Public Education Committee Bell Cecil Schaefer Matt Paddie Chris Toth Steven Farney Marsha Turner Scott Longoria Oscar Ashby Trent Frank James Sanford Scott Edna Mary Strickland Jonathan Capriglione Giovanni Turner Chris Fallon Patrick Rose Toni Wentworth Jeff Campbell Donna Allen Lawrence Bradley David Cargill Barbara Garza Charlie Hardy Pat Knight Mavis Mercer Ken Ratliff Thomas Texas Legislature. Senate
Additional Information: Details losers and winners in the state primary election for the Texas House, Senate, and State Board of Education which will impact school districts throughout the state.
Ref ID: 94662
Title: Political intelligence: Tyrant's foe - The student's friend
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, 6-May-11, 103 :8    
Subjects: Education - Finance Weeks Allen Teachers - Demonstrations
Additional Information: Save Texas Schools.
Ref ID: 91234
Title: Eye on Texas: Two Square (Round-Up Saloon, Dallas)
Authors: Walker,Jensen
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :21 ,pg 29-  
Subjects: Allen Cody Gay men
Additional Information: ID: 375; Photograph.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 90380
Title: Political intelligence: Sessions [heart] Stanford
Authors: Mann,Dave
Source: Texas Observer, 2010, 102 :1    
Subjects: Sessions Pete Stanford Allen
Additional Information: ID: 87; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85186
Title: The filter: Dining - New + noteworthy: House Wine
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :12 ,pg 148-  
Subjects: McAllen (Tex.) - Restaurants
Additional Information: ID: 418; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89849
Title: Innocence lost: Since August 23, 1992, Anthony Graves has been behind bars for the gruesome murder of a family in Somerville. Thre was no clear motive, no physical evidence connecting him to the crime, and the only witness against him recanted, declaring
Authors: Colloff,Pamela
Source: Texas Monthly, 2010, 38 :10 ,pg 108- 115
Subjects: Somerville (Tex.) - Crime Graves Anthony Davis family Carter Robert Sebesta Charles Judicial error Rueter Roy Allen Graves Doris Curry Arthur Brown Yolanda Mathis Casarez Nicole
Additional Information: ID: 285; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 89328
Title: Feeding challenges in young children: Toward a best practices model
Authors: Bruns,Deborah A.;Thompson,Stacy D.
Source: Infants & Young Children, 2010, 23 :2 ,pg 93- 102
Subjects: Early Childhood Development Eating Behavior Nutrition Feeding Disorders Food Human feeding challenges young children best practices model food refusal nutritional needs
Additional Information: ID: 5555; FC: Electronic; AE: Childhood (birth-12 yrs); LR: 20100503 (PsycINFO)
Ref ID: 93953
Title: Street smarts: A quickie guide to...Tenth Street, McAllen - Trek beyond the outlet mall and you'll find indie shops, hip bars, and a burgeoning arts district
Authors: Ramirez,Kristie
Source: Texas Monthly, 2009, 37 :5 ,pg 48+-  
Subjects: McAllen (Tex.) - Retail trade McAllen (Tex.) - Restaurants McAllen (Tex.) - Bird watching
Additional Information: ID: 1793; 1-Barn White; 2-Sylvia's/Uniques; 3-Melissa Guerra; 4-Costa Messa; 5-Manichaus, Modern Art Space; 6-Roosevelt's at 7; 7-L.A. Imports; 8-Quinta Mazatlan.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81318
Title: [Proud products of Texas Public Schools]: Debbie Allen--Yates High School, Houston ISD
Source: Texas Lone Star, 2009, 27 :5 ,pg 21-  
Subjects: Allen Debbie Actors Women choreographers
Additional Information: ID: 1324; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 79838
Title: The dark knight: At $8 billion, Sir Allen Stanford's alleged fraud wouldn't even be the biggest Ponzi scheme uncovered in the past few months. But his wretched excess and jaw-dropping gumption have no equal
Authors: Swartz,Mimi
Source: Texas Monthly, 2009, 37 :5 ,pg 132- 135
Subjects: Stanford Allen Swindlers and swindling
Additional Information: ID: 1805; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 81606
Title: Letter from Tomball: Risky business - How did state representative Allen Fletcher, the chairman of a House subcommittee on white-collar crime, find his very own company tangled up in, well, a white-collar-crime investigation?
Authors: Blakeslee,Nate
Source: Texas Monthly, 2009, 37 :6 ,pg 80+-  
Subjects: Fletcher Allen Resource Protection Management
Additional Information: ID: 1824; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80281
Title: Manufacturing tomorrow's work force
Authors: Lamphere,Tracey
Source: Fiscal Notes, 2009, :    
Subjects: South Texas College (McAllen Tex.) Vocational education
Additional Information: ID: 1549; South Texas College: North American Advanced Manufacturing Research and Education Initiative.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 80906
Title: Book reviews (review of A Brave Boy and a Good Soldier: John C. C. Hill and the Texas Expedition to Mier by Mary Margaret McAllen Amberson )
Authors: Stuntz,Jean A.
Source: Journal of South Texas, 2008, 21 :2 ,pg 212- 224
Subjects: Amberson Mary Margaret McAllen Hill John C.C.(Book review) Texas - History - Republic 1836-1846 (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 580; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 85443
Title: (Painting)
Source: Texas Observer, 2008, 100 :22 ,pg 32-  
Subjects: South Texas College (McAllen Tex.) - Museums Rubio Alex - Exhibitions
Additional Information: ID: 9166; "Pura Raspa" by Alex Rubio at the Pecan Campus Library Art Gallery.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44728
Title: For the road: No boundaries
Source: Texas Highways, 2008, 55 :4   12
Subjects: Bird watching - McAllen (Tex.)
Additional Information: ID: 8090; McAllen International Birding Festival.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44259
Title: Political intelligence: The means behind the scenes - Talking primary blues
Source: Texas Observer, 2008, 100 :3    
Subjects: Patrick Dan Van Arsdale Corbin Fletcher Allen Campaign funds
Additional Information: ID: 8447; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44435
Title: Political intelligence: Radio rebels
Source: Texas Observer, 2008, 100 :6    
Subjects: Patrick Dan Van Arsdale Corbin Fletcher Allen
Additional Information: ID: 8538; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 44468
Title: A Texas Highways moment with Terry Allen: Where music, art and life converge
Authors: Bass,Shermakaye
Source: Texas Highways, 2008, 55 :2 ,pg 14- 16
Subjects: Allen Terry Artists Musicians and singers
Additional Information: ID: 8050; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 45405
Title: Faith bases: Our Savior Lutheran Church (McAllen, January 28, 2007)
Authors: Martin,William
Source: Texas Monthly, 2007, 35 :4 ,pg 50+-  
Subjects: McAllen (Tex.) - Churches Herzberg Steven Winter Texans
Additional Information: ID: 6147; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 48491
Title: Readers recommend
Source: Texas Highways, 2007, 54 :11 ,pg 64-  
Subjects: McAllen (Tex.) - Restaurants
Additional Information: ID: 5800; Republic of the Rio Grande Grill and Cantina.; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 43204
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