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Title: Non prophet: A ringside seat at the surprisingly strange sexual assault of Warren Jeffs, who probably wishes he'd never come to Texas
Authors: Vine,Katy
Source: Texas Monthly, Oct-11, 39 :10 ,pg 108-113+-  
Subjects: Jeffs Warren Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Yearning for Zion Ranch (Eldorado Tex.) PolygamyΓÇöLaw and legislation Child abuse
Ref ID: 92958
Title: No refuge
Authors: Heimlich,Janet
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-12, 104 :8 ,pg 10- 21
Subjects: Eldorado (Tex.) - Crime Jeffs Warren Mormon Church Child abuse Sects Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS) Texas Department of Health and Human Services
Additional Information: Details and issues of the 2008 incident in El Dorado (Tex.) when the state took custody of more than 400 children who were part of a Mormon sect led by Warren Jeffs. Individuals mentioned: Barlow, Sarah; Walther, Barbara; Jessop, Carolyn;Childress, Charles;Schmidt, Jeff; Heiligenstein, Anne; Darby, Drew; Mankin, Randy; Berger, Sharon
Ref ID: 94676
Title: Political intelligence: Bad to worse dept. - Stacking the TCEQ
Authors: Wilder,Forrest
Source: Texas Observer, 20-May-11, 103 :9 ,pg 3-4-  
Subjects: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chisum Warren Smith Wayne Burnam Lon
Ref ID: 91286
Title: Book reviews (review of No Holier Spot of Ground by John Warren Smith)
Authors: Rowe,Beverly J.;Hatley,Allen G.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, 2006, 44 :1 ,pg 71- 94
Subjects: Smith John Warren Smith family (Book review)
Additional Information: ID: 2184; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 49719
Title: Wing ding: The turning of the screw
Authors: Smith,Eileen
Source: Texas Observer, 17-Jun-11, 103 :11 ,pg 28-  
Subjects: Perry Rick Texas Legislature - 82nd - Special sessions Patrick Dan Christian Wayne Wentworth Jeff Dewhurst David Chisum Warren
Additional Information: Funding for family planning; Removing anti-gay language from the Texas Penal Code; Sanctuary cities; Concealed weapons on college campuses; and Airport security.
Ref ID: 91263
Viewing 1-5 of 5 Record(s)        

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