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Title: Stuff and new stuff: Directors--books to re-think food and marketing (review of Fed Up with Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth About School Lunches - and How We Can Change Them! by Sara Wu)
Source: Texas Child Care, Spring 2012, 35 :04 ,pg Online-  
Subjects: Wu Sara School lunchrooms cafeterias etc. (Book review)
Ref ID: 92999
Title: Postcards: Cuero bets on fracking
Authors: Elbein,Saul
Source: Texas Observer, Sep-11, 103 :14 ,pg 29-32-  
Subjects: Cuero (Tex.) Petrohawk Energy Corporation Eagle Ford Shale Petroleum industry and trade Meyer Sara Post Krause Charlotte Kleinecke David Reibschlager Elizabeth Hydraulic fracturing
Ref ID: 92818
Title: Novel approach: The ties that bind - Between Facebook and the Twilight saga, an American mother hasn't got a prayer--especially if Tyler Moldenhauer, a hunky football player from the wrong side of the tracks, has hot pants for her daughter
Authors: Leleux,Robert
Source: Texas Observer, Nov-11, 103 :16 ,pg 35-  
Subjects: Bird Sarah
Additional Information: The Gap Year by Sarah Bird.
Ref ID: 92849
Title: State of the media: The ethics of moonlighting
Authors: Minutaglio,Bill
Source: Texas Observer, Jun-12, 104 :6 ,pg 43-  
Subjects: Journalism - Ethics Tressler Sarah Houston Chronicle
Additional Information: Houston Chronicle reporter Tressler fired when it was revealed she had worked as a stripper.
Ref ID: 94286
Title: Speaking of Texas: A Texan in Washngton
Authors: Fowler,Gene
Source: Texas Highways, Feb-11, 58 :2 ,pg 64- 65
Subjects: McClendon Sarah Journalists
Ref ID: 90983
Title: Beyond memoir (Review of Walking Home: Growing Up Hispanic in Houston by Sarah Cortez)
Authors: Wiggerman,Scott
Source: Texas Books in Review, Fall/Winter 2012, 32 :3/4 ,pg 10+-  
Subjects: Hispanic Americans - Personal narratives (Book review) Poetry (Book review) Cortez Sarah
Ref ID: 95316
Title: Books: Textra credit
Source: Texas Monthly, Dec-11, 39 :12 ,pg 78-  
Subjects: Stevens Taylor McCoy Sarah Mayo Eduardo Jimenez Brown Chris N.
Additional Information: The Innocent by Taylor Stevens, The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy, and Three Messages and a Warning edited by Eduardo Jimenez Mayo and Chris N. Brown.
Ref ID: 92755
Title: Book review: Fishy history (review of Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell)
Authors: DePrang,Emily
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-11, 103 :13 ,pg 38-  
Subjects: Vowell Sarah
Ref ID: 92812
Title: Postcards: Celebrating a decade
Authors: Moffatt,Lori
Source: Texas Highways, Apr-12, 59 :4 ,pg 18-  
Subjects: Beeville (Tex.) - Museums - Exhibitions Reed Sarah Greene Beeville (Tex.) - Art - Exhibitions
Additional Information: Decade at the Beeville Art Museum. This exhibit is a ten year survey of the whimsical collage art of Austin-based artist Sarah Greene Reed.
Ref ID: 94295
Title: Music: Jeff McCord on the month's new releases
Authors: McCord,Jeff
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-12, 40 :4 ,pg 56-  
Subjects: Music Jaffe Sarah Edmondson Kat
Additional Information: Sarah Jaffe and "The Body Wins;" Kat Edmondson and "Way Down Low."
Ref ID: 94268
Title: Films: Three Sovereigns for Sarah
Authors: Leche,Paul
Source: Texas Journal of Ideas, History and Culture, 1990, 12 :2 ,pg 49-  
Subjects: Three Sovereigns for Sarah (Motion picture review)
Additional Information: ID: 5823; RP: NOT IN FILE
Ref ID: 11558
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