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Title: Revisiting the Battle of the Alamo (Review of The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo--and the Sacrafice that Forged a Nation by James Donovan)
Authors: Reynolds,Clay
Source: Texas Books in Review, Summer 2012, 32 :2    
Subjects: Texas - History - 1836-1845 (Book review) Donovan James
Ref ID: 94780
Title: Book reviews (review of Crazy From the Heat: A Chronicle of Twenty Years in the Big Bend by James H. Evans)
Authors: Brice,Donaly E.
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 80- 96
Subjects: Evans James H. Big Bend Region (Tex.) (Book review)
Ref ID: 94044
Title: Book reviews (review of Grasses of South Texas: A Guide to Identification and Value by James H. Everitt, D. Lynn Drawe, Christopher R. Little, Robert I. Lonard)
Authors: Dixon,Kemp
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Spring 2012, 25 :1 ,pg 80- 96
Subjects: Everitt James H. Grasses (Book review) Plants (Book review)
Ref ID: 94053
Title: Mayor Jim Reese of Odessa and the Republican Party in the Permian Basin
Authors: Hathorn,Billy
Source: West Texas Historical Association Year Book, Oct-11, 87 : ,pg 127- 152
Subjects: Reese James O'Quinn Odessa (Tex.) -- History Bush George Walker Bush George Herbert Walker
Ref ID: 94059
Title: Textra credit
Source: Texas Monthly, Oct-11, 39 :10 ,pg 64-  
Subjects: Burke James Lee Berryhill Michael Sweets Ellen
Additional Information: Feast Day of Fools by James Lee Burke; The Trials of Eroy Brown by Michael Berryhill; and Stirring It up with Molly Ivins by Ellen Sweets.
Ref ID: 92731
Title: Hate on the inside: Thirteen years later, the prison-gang culture that sparked the dragging death of James Byrd is still with us
Authors: Mann,Dave;Reel,Jen
Source: Texas Observer, Oct-11, 103 :15 ,pg 20-23-  
Subjects: Byrd James Jasper (Tex.) - Murder Berry Shawn King John William "Bill" Brewer Lawrence Prisoners - Race relations
Ref ID: 92864
Title: State of the art: What every Texan should see this month
Authors: Swartz,Mimi
Source: Texas Monthly, Jun-12, 40 :6 ,pg 82-  
Subjects: Houston (Tex.) - Art Turrell James
Additional Information: James Turrell's Skyspace (Houston)
Ref ID: 94350
Title: Culture: Minding the gap
Authors: Sweeney,Paul
Source: Texas Observer, Jul-12, 104 :7 ,pg 38- 40
Subjects: Galbraith James K. Economists Economic policy Income distribution Unemployment Financial crises
Additional Information: An interview with James K. Galbraith, the Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business Relations at the University of Texas' LBJ School of Public Affairs about his book Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Just Before the Great Crisis.
Ref ID: 94833
Title: Book reviews (review of Captain J. A. Brooks, Texas Ranger by Paul N. Spellman)
Authors: Sosebee,Winston B.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 2012, 50 :2 ,pg 126- 143
Subjects: Spellman Paul N. Brooks James Abijah 1855-1944 (Book review) Texas Rangers (Book review)
Ref ID: 94397
Title: News & notes
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Fall 2011, 24 :2 ,pg 90- 91
Subjects: Mundie James A. Crouch Barry A. Brice Donaly E. North American Society of Oceanic Historians (NASOH) -- Meetings Brownsville (Tex.) -- Strikes and lockouts -- Research
Additional Information: Upcoming books: The Governor's Hounds: A History of the Texas State Police, 1870-1873 by Barry A. Crouch and Donaly E. Brice; 2nd untitled volume of Civil War Notables Buried in Texas, by James A. Mundie. Meeting: North American Society of Oceanic Histori
Ref ID: 92491
Title: Book reviews (review of Nassau Plantation: The Evolution of a Texas German Slave Plantation by James C. Kearney)
Authors: Glasrud,Bruce A.
Source: The Journal of South Texas, Fall 2011, 24 :2 ,pg 92- 108
Subjects: Kearney James C. German Americans -- History (Book review) Slavery (Book review)
Ref ID: 92511
Title: Book reviews (review of Nassau Plantation: The Evolution of a Texas German Slave Plantation by James C. Kearney)
Authors: Tippens,Matthew D.
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 2011, 49 :2 ,pg 108- 142
Subjects: Kearney James C. German Americans -- History (Book review) Slavery -- History (Book review)
Ref ID: 91974
Title: Hollywood, TX: Perfect execution - Into the Abyss may just be the most essential Texas movie of the year
Authors: Kelly,Christopher
Source: Texas Monthly, Dec-11, 39 :12 ,pg 88+-  
Subjects: Herzog Werner Perry Michael James Capital punishment - Documentary films
Additional Information: Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life directed by Werner Herzog. Also discussed: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory on HBO, and Incendiary: The Willingham Case directed by Steve Mims and Joe Bailey Jr.
Ref ID: 92844
Title: Wendy Gramm
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 22-  
Subjects: Gramm Wendy Texas Public Policy Foundation Enron Corporation Leininger James
Ref ID: 92753
Title: Excerpt from the archives: The pols he bought (Feb. 2, 1999)
Authors: Bryce,Robert
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 22-  
Subjects: Sharp John Perry Rick Hobby Paul Strayhorn Carole Keeton McClellan Rylander Leininger James
Ref ID: 92783
Title: The brains behind the curtain: The intellectual force behind Rick Perry's most controversial ideas is a little-known think tank with ambitious goals
Authors: Wilder,Forrest;Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, Dec-11, 103 :17 ,pg 10-15-  
Subjects: Texas Public Policy Foundation Perry Rick Leininger James Hasting Melinda Wheatley Rollins Brooke Education - Finance Texas Commission on Environmental Quality University of Texas at Austin (Austin Tex.) Trans-Texas Corridor Toll roads
Additional Information: People mentioned: Phil Gramm, Wendy Gramm, Fritz Steiger, Josh Trevino, George W. Bush, George W., Kathleen Hartnett White, Mary Katherine Stout, Jeff Sandefer, Rick O'Donnell.
Ref ID: 92971
Title: Capital watch: New session, new faces
Authors: Gonzalez,Dan
Source: Texas Lone Star, Aug-12, 30 :7 ,pg 23- 24
Subjects: Primaries - Texas Texas Legislature - Elections Texas State Board of Education - Elections Texas Legislature. House of Representatives - Public Education Committee Bell Cecil Schaefer Matt Paddie Chris Toth Steven Farney Marsha Turner Scott Longoria Oscar Ashby Trent Frank James Sanford Scott Edna Mary Strickland Jonathan Capriglione Giovanni Turner Chris Fallon Patrick Rose Toni Wentworth Jeff Campbell Donna Allen Lawrence Bradley David Cargill Barbara Garza Charlie Hardy Pat Knight Mavis Mercer Ken Ratliff Thomas Texas Legislature. Senate
Additional Information: Details losers and winners in the state primary election for the Texas House, Senate, and State Board of Education which will impact school districts throughout the state.
Ref ID: 94662
Title: Speaking of Texas: Me for ma
Authors: Fowler,Gene
Source: Texas Highways, Aug-11, 58 :8 ,pg 58- 60
Subjects: Ferguson James Edward "Pa" Ferguson Miriam Amanda "Ma"
Ref ID: 92227
Title: The outsider: Can the camera-shy Dave Carney put Rick Perry in the White House?
Authors: Rapoport,Abby
Source: Texas Observer, Aug-11, 103 :13 ,pg 8-13-  
Subjects: Carney Dave Political consultants Perry Rick Bush George W. Sanchez Tony Eaton Tom Sununu John H. Americans for Job Security Merritt Tommy McKay James
Ref ID: 92902
Title: An earthquake in the financial markets: Will the European debt crisis affect Texas?
Authors: Castellon,Michael
Source: Fiscal Notes, Apr-12, : ,pg Online-  
Subjects: Financial crises Public debts Europe - Economic conditions Texas - Economic conditions Galbraith James K. Heasley John
Additional Information: Interviews with James K. Galbraith, Holder of the Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government and Business Relations at the University of Texas’ Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs in Austin and John Heasley executive vice president of the Texas Bankers Association.
Ref ID: 94622
Title: Object lesson: What you'll find in . . . James Buescher's home office.
Authors: Ramirez,Kristie
Source: Texas Monthly, Apr-12, 40 :4 ,pg 48-  
Subjects: Automobile racing drivers Buescher James
Ref ID: 94306
Title: Life with the merger king: Dallas entrepreneur Jimmy Ling dreamed up the modern conglomerate. And then it crashed
Authors: Barrett,Neal Jr
Source: Texas Observer, 6-May-11, 103 :8 ,pg 11-13-  
Subjects: Ling James "Jimmy" Ling Dorothy Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) Conglomerate corporations Empire Energy
Ref ID: 91136
Title: The burden of proof: When you believe someone you love is innocent, how do you prove it to the rest of the world?
Authors: Burke,Laura
Source: Texas Observer, 20-May-11, 103 :9 ,pg 6-12-  
Subjects: Legate James Garcia Yolanda Garcia Eddie San Antonio (Tex.) - Murder Judicial error McRae Sharon Maddox Marilyn
Ref ID: 91146
Title: The Hill family: A unique footnote in the story of Texas Independence
Source: Texas Heritage, 2011, 2 :    
Subjects: Hill family -- History Hill Asa Hill Elizabeth Barksdale Hill James Monroe TexasΓÇöHistoryΓÇöRevolution 1835-1836 TexasΓÇöHistoryΓÇöRepublic 1836-1846
Ref ID: 91862
Title: Courtroom gladiators of yesteryear: Tales of the Texas Panhandle's pioneer lawyers
Authors: Neal,Bill
Source: Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, 2009, 81 :   26
Subjects: Fires Amos J. Hamlin James D. Hoover H. E. Browning James N. Plemons W. B. Willis Frank Lawyers
Ref ID: 91923
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