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Title: iBook reviews (review of On the Prarie of Palo Alto: Historical Archaeology of the U.S-Mexican War Battlefield by Naecker, Charles M.)
Authors: Ringle,Pamela
Source: East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 2011, 42 :2 ,pg 108- 142
Subjects: Haecker Charles M. Archaeology and history -- Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site (Book review) Mexican War 1846-1848 -- Battlefields (Book review)
Ref ID: 91964
Title: Books: Masters of peace (Review of A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico by Amy S. Greenberg)
Authors: Romo,David Dorado
Source: Texas Monthly, December 2012, 40 :12 ,pg 130- 136
Subjects: Greenberg Amy S. Mexican War 1846-1848 (Book Reveiw)
Ref ID: 95257
Title: Debate and diplomacy: The establishment of the U. S. - Mexico boundary
Authors: Pena,Gloria
Source: Texas Historian, 2011-2012, 72 : ,pg 51- 52
Subjects: United States -- Boundaries -- Mexico Mexican War 1846-1848
Ref ID: 92528
Title: Vintage heritage: The Battle beat
Authors: Reilly,Tom
Source: Texas Heritage, 2011, 4 : ,pg 26- 29
Subjects: Mexican War 1846-1848 -- Press coverage Journalism
Additional Information: This article first published in Summer 1999 issue. Texas correspondents who covered the U. S.- Mexican War, 1846-1848: George Wilkins Kendall, Jane McManus Storms, John Peoples, James L. Freaner, and George Tobin.
Ref ID: 92530
Viewing 1-4 of 4 Record(s)        

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